Welcome to Site X.

Site X is a Project Gecko training facility with a wide spectrum of training possibilities.

Located in the heart of Germany, our training facility offers comfortable access and further logistics \ benefits to ensure that your training within the site premise will be beyond just comfortable - but also rewarding.

"A residential complex with a variety of realistic room settings with furniture's, strobe lights, smoke machines and a close circuit camera system..."

Why Site X?

As Project Gecko┬┤s programs gained momentum and spread across Europe and abroad, we recognized the need for a permanent facility with certain fixed training capabilities and hardware - all to ensure that our training is not limited by logistic or resources. Site X is designed to do just that - to provide everything you, the end user, needs.

"Everything is within immediate access from the students accommodations to ensure efficiency towards time management."

What is unique about site X ?

Access. First and foremost, the site is easy to reach via public transportation. The facility setup offers a wide spectrum of training topics, such as a Low Light basement with light & sound FX system, a residential complex with a variety of realistic room settings, including furniture's, strobe lights, smoke machines and a close circuit camera system, that allows constant observation of the students performance or for the purpose of debriefs. Everything is within immediate access from the students accommodations to ensure efficiency. Speaking of accommodations and personal logistics - Site X offers a variety of infrastructure utilities such as classrooms, accommodation, kitchen, dinning room, grill area, and so on.

Our Site X features:

Sensory Simulation systems - For realism based trainings.

Classrooms - Fully equipped classrooms up for 12 students.

Accommodations - Fully equipped rooms, kitchen, WC & showers. Please contact us for more information.

Camera System - For documentation, control and maximized training results. See your performance from a different angle.

Low Light training area - Underground Low light complex with corridors, rooms and furniture's. The complex includes lightning control, Sound FX, strobes and smoke.

A CQB Kill House - 3 Floors and 1 attic of different structural layouts. From short to long rooms, corridors, T - sections or halls. All rooms are equipped with furniture, which can be moved in according to the training needs. The whole structure is equipped with lightning, sound FX, strobes and smoke machines.

Outdoor segment - For outdoor related training topics such as tracking, small unit tactics, vehicle tactics and so on...

What kind of trainings are taking place in Site X?

  • CQB Programs
  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Low Light
  • Tactical Medicine
  • Vehicle CQB
  • Scenarios Trainings & Seminars
  • Security Management related courses
  • Self Defense
  • And more...



With Hannover airport being 45 minutes away and Highway 2 just 500m away - SITE X is very accessible via public transportation.


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