Writing in the Digital Age Victor González

Spanish teacher — International School of Bremen

Online IT Subject Leader & Curriculum developer — Open University of Catalonia

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Hannover 2019
When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440, only about 30 percent of European adults were literate.
Are Visuals more powerful than Words?

The First Modern Novel

Digital Revolution


1972: The first Microprocessor/ 1989: First commercial Microprocessor (Intel)

The Link

Christmas 1990: First website launched

2000, Irruption of e-books
57.000 free ebooks

What is writing in the digital age? How are the new readers like?

Conventions of modern journalism: Splash lead story.

1) Visuals and text must work together in the digital age.

2) People hare visuals more often than text.

3) Most people view posts with visuals, our brains process visuals better.

Interactive and Audiovisual

States should require schools to teach media literacy at all levels

Super effective Ads with tricks combining words and text
Digital Magicians
Behavioral Microtargeting
“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil but data.” The Economist, May 6 2017.

What can we do as language teachers when facing this digital landscape?

1. Have a plan 2. Be consistent 3. Practise patience

IT Induction & Training specialist

1.Language Blogs
The Theory of Language Boxes
2. Google Drive
3. Adobe Spark Page

January 2019


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Victor Gonzalez

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