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My experience on this project was a fun and knowledgeable one.Mainly because I got to learn from my fellow teammates and directors. Which was the biggest past of this project because we all had to come up with our own endings. So that allowed us to joke around and share ideas of how each of our endings would come to an end. What helped influence my ending was a series I watched on HBO called Westworld. Where a amusement is built in the future. And rich people pay to go through the amusement park. And within the amusement world,are human looking robots who have human characteristics. Whose sole purpose is to help the visitor frame his own adventure. Oh, and the environment along with the story that the robots follow is based within the time of the old west. So in my ending I wanted it so seem as though the whole time the gentlemen who were playing checkers. Were really robots who were being tested on efficiency, and when one of the robots malfunction. A programmer has to walk in on the scene to reset the hardware.

This video project in particular occupies a special place in my heart. Mainly because it is the first video I put together and what made be begin enjoying the making of videos. It also was the first time I worked with people to make a digital visual piece of art. Which helped me become more open minded to sharing my ideas with others. My teammates are what inspired me to make this video.

My time making this video was fun,especially how we got to learn about more thematic angles and visual cues. Overall teamwork experience on this project was pretty good i'd say. Which in turn allowed the overall video to come out with great quality. The inspiration for this video kinda stemmed from the others. Because there was sort of a lonely presence about it.

My experience with this project idea is pretty limited because I was not here for most of the days. But when I was here I learned more about my teammates , because the documentary was done on their experience on directing.The inspiration for this video came from us wondering how long the twins had been making films. Because they were really good.

My experience with this video was a great one because I really enjoyed how I connected each individual clip. To make this 40 second visual representation of my point of view. Something I learned about teamwork as we worked on the video. Is that the overall outcome of a video can come out smoother the more people contribute unique ideas. What inspired me to format the video the way I did was to invoke the representation of internal distress within the subject.


In my short career as a video photographer, I feel as though I've adopted a pretty suspenseful style. That invokes a lot of mystery, Multiple layers, and twists. I feel as though this is a good way to send your viewer on a roller coaster of emotion. And it also keeps them on the edge of their seat. Making mental wagers within their selves on how the video will play out. I would say my influences as a video photographer stems from the likes of Christopher Nolan and a more young M. Night Shyamalan. Mainly because of their unique point of view and accompanying divergent directing methods.


When first joining this class early September, I wasn't sure if it was exactly for me. I mean I have always enjoyed watching movies and videos on Youtube. But never exactly thought i'd be the one making my own. But I can now happily express that this is one of the best experiences and classes, that I have partook in throughout high school. Mainly because of the huge amount of creativity that is pushed. And with taking this class I've found a hidden passion that I was unaware I had. Like the foundation building of scripts and screenplays, or the numerous types of cinematic angles and skills that make up the art of video production. I have now gained a new respect for those in the film industry or even small time Youtubers. Like to try and get your personal point of view to be viewed by millions of people is a hard job. But can be satisfying if it is your passion. And in my eyes that is what signalizes success. Being paid to introduce your heart and soul onto the world. Also before taking this class I didn't realize all of the instruments and passion in the work it took to make a video.


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