American Dream THe mean behind it

"An end to Dream" was written by Stephan Stephan who Vincent the event that involve his opinion on the american dream as a dead dream. In his short stories he state "From the beginning they were impressions of disaster and if, in my turn, I am a gloomy man inclined to see the darker side of life, I attribute it to the fact that what should have been for me the happy joyous days of childhood were spent on a chicken farm" from his first experience from the cruel of men he witness the true purpose of the American dream and see the list through it.

In The Great Gatsby the american dream was mostly about money which made social class play a huge role 1920s.For exmaple east egg is where old money are inherited by the wealth family live for years,west egg is where the new money is the rich class live, finally the valley of ashes is where working poor live.
The american dream has always have different meaning to the people back during the 1920s was believing in the modern, however in the modern day it mostly involve a better life or a roof on top their head.
In most magazine you will find houses that have a well done room with expensive furniture in the front page which is truth to the matter of the degree.Most people would known that it most lie and that majority of people would rather roof over their for their families then buy expensive houses.That made huge people want a better opportunities for their life.

The American dream has changed much since, the 1920s now most people have different belief on the dream.Most believe for a better life and education scholars. To most a roof over their heads, so they wouldn't live in horrible living conditions.

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