8 Things to Know about being a successful hunter By: Derek Rodell

1) Dress For Success. Make sure when you go hunting know if you need to wear camouflage because many animals aren't color blind. On the other hand some federal regulations require you to wear blaze orange during some hunting seasons like deer and elk. Always know what to wear to give you the better odds.

2) Bring the Proper Weaponry. Certain animals require more of a blow to kill them so don't be the guy in the duck blind hunting with a twenty gauge shotgun that would just scare away the ducks. While hunting any animal you don't want to use the gun that blows the poor thing into a million pieces or the gun that won't do anything. Just make sure you have the right hun to get the job done.

3) Check the Weather. It's my personal experience that hunting anything in the rain sucks and puts everyone in a bad mood. For example no Turkey will ever be out in the open during a downpour which will result in an upset younger brother who is complaining about not shooting anything. It's just a smart idea to check the weather and determine if the trip will be a waste of time.

4) Having Mans Best Friend. This only applies to bird hunting but dogs make hunting a whole lot easier. For example when duck hunting no one wants to wade into that freezing water to recover a bird so having a retriever type dog can eliminate that problem. Dogs are useful for all bird hunting trips because they can flush out birds and smell the wounded ones that hid themselves in heavy brush. So it is a good idea to have a dog on hand all the time.

5) Warden of the Woods. Always know the laws and rules before going out into the field. Game Wardens will put an end to a hunting trip real quick for various reasons. Hunting without a license on your person might lead to a hefty fine if your caught by a Warden because you are breaking some hunting laws and are probably facing a poaching fine that could lead to prison time.

6) Eagle Eye. Make sure you can identify any animal you are hunting or might cross paths with to make sure you only hunt and kill the legal animal. If you do accidentally kill a none hunt able animal that is considered poaching and nobody wants that. This is especially important when duck hunting because their are at least twenty different types of ducks in Colorado alone. So before going out know the identifications for anything and everything you plan on hunting.

7) Practice Makes Perfect. This isn't a rule or guideline just an overall good idea but it's a smart idea to do a little target practice before going out and trying to hit small and fast birds. This can be done on privet property or a tarp or hunt clubs across any state. Practice is a really good idea when it comes to big game hunting because you are using a high powered rifle and you only get one shot opposed to shotguns that spray tens of tiny little pellets.

8) That One Friend. If you have a good friend who hunts ask them to take you out so you get a general idea of what to expect and some experience before going out on your own. This also allows you to determine if you want to commit to a really expensive and time consuming hobby. Its the same ideas as trying out a boat before you buy it for fishing.

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