America Is.... CULTURE


[Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.]

America can be a wonderful learning place where there's culture everywhere from how they celebrate for example the Day of the Dead, Cinco De Mayo for Mexican culture to Chinatown, Little Italy, to different foods, cultural dances or even traditional clothing; a place where you learn more about culture where you can show pride to people on where you come from and love your culture. Everyone has culture in them and everyone’s is different and it defines who we are.

Historical Evidence #1


This is China Town in San Francisco, this is the oldest Chinatown in North America and is the largest Chinese community. It’s been a highly important and influential in the history and culture of ethnic Chinese immigrants. During the 1960's it brought a huge wave of immigrants establishing a place making them feel at home with the familiar culture.


The second photo is Olvera Street ,known as the "Birth Place Of Los Angeles " a place where they celebrate a lot of Mexican traditions like watching Aztecas and Folkoric dancers or even take a stroll around the market place . Olvera Street was created in 1930 and was made to preserve and present the custom and trades of early California and also giving Mexican immigrants a place where they could feel at home.

Historical Evidence #2


Fast food is a major part of modern culture; we can now just call in and they can deliver our food right to our house which is pretty amazing. Now theirs really good hamburgers french fries, ice cream and many other tasty foods that are amazing. Each culture has there own food to define who they are. The sad thing here is that modern culture inst about being historical its about having fun now, some people might even think that its boring or even exciting. These days people across the world has a smart phone and has social media.


Historic Evidence #3


Traditional Clothing is a huge part of culture , representing how we look as a nation , some of these clothing traditions for maybe a wedding, special holiday or an everyday life . It shows you how we all use to dress and obviously we don't dress like that but theirs a lot of inspired clothing with the designs or colors the meaning of the designs or the colors to represent their country . There is still a lot of traditions going on in the world today and I am sure everyone has a tradition that they have followed and show pride in your tradition that you love . Most of the time when you dress in traditional cloths its usually for a dance performance to show or a special event . Traditional clothing , a place , food , art and many more contribute to culture and I believe its a beautiful thing.


Thought Process

My Art piece was really fun to make I brained stormed through a lot of ideas and they all seemed hard or they seemed like they were too boring and I wanted to make something that catches your eye that makes you come walk over to my art piece and observe it . So I got my idea based on the Migos album “CULTURE”; but I believe my visual is more about the meaning and how it connects with how America is Culture.

Symbolism 1- The People

The people are the ones who hold our world together and without different people our world wouldn’t be the same. And we get to learn about other things from different people/cultures. These people are basically joined into one to show CULTURE and showing their love or it.

Symbolism 2- The Globe

The globe represents how we have many states connected together and without states or countries we wouldn't have culture. So this shows us how we have so many wonderful traditions from clothing, food, language, rituals or the way we do things in an everyday lifestyle.

Symbolism 3- The Entire Project

The whole project represents what culture is. And we should embrace it and its about time to let people know who you are. From television, social media, places all around the world to food and people all these things represent culture... its apart of you are.

Noreen Syed

Mrs. Sandoval Period 5


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noreen syed


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