3D Printing By: Sophia

I decided to make a dream catcher because I have always loved dream catchers, and I love to make them, too. I wanted to show the beautiful design of a dream catcher because I think that it's a cool idea. I just searched for "dream catcher black and white", because I was taught that the less words there were, the better the search results are.

What I did to enhance positive and negative shapes was that I outlined the thin lines with a sharpie. That way, I knew that it would print well because otherwise it would break. I changed the lines and the feathers because before I changed it, the feathers weren't completely filled in, and the lines were WAY too thin. My idea changed several times. I had no idea what I wanted to search for, so that's one way that it changed.

What I had to do to prepare my design was: I had to make the lines thicker. When I first printed it out on paper, it was super small. I had to reprint it to fill the paper in order to be able to go over the thinner lines. In order to get my dream catcher into Makerbot, I had to take a picture of my paper design and then upload it into Makerbot. I had to make sure that it would print the right design, so I had to make sure that it was all green before it printed.

I requested a flexible black filament, but Ms. Kushner printed it over the weekend, so I didn't actually see it printing. Basically, the machine takes the filament and makes layers until it forms the design. I think that you have to wait until the bottom of the machine cools down (because it gets hot) before you can take the design off with a tool. In order for it to carve, I had to upload it to Makerbot and then print it through the app on Ms. Kushner's iPad.

What the machine does as it prints is that it prints in layers, and builds up the layers until your design is formed, with many, many, layers. In order to crate my print, I had to first find the picture, and then print it out. What was unexpected about that was that it was small and would never have 3D printed. I reprinted it to fit the page and it was fine after that. It was surprising the first time that Ms. Kushner printed out my design because it was too small and a piece broke off. Ms. Kushner 3D printed it again, bigger this time. I learned that in order for a 3D print to look okay, and for it to print without breaking, you have to spend a lot of time perfecting it.

I think that my 3D print printed almost exactly how I wanted it to look. It turned out almost the way I planned. I wasn't sure how big it would be, so I didn't know what I should plan for. I didn't do a carving, so I didn't have space that I cut out, but I think that overall I did a good job. I am proud of how the middle "net" turned out because I wasn't sure how all of the details would turn out, but it turned out better than I'd planned. I think that the "net" lines could have been thicker, because it's fragile, and if I made the lines thicker, it wouldn't be so fragile. An interesting part of this process was when I had to choose what I wanted for my design, because I could choose whatever I wanted, and I liked that we could've chosen anything. But that was also what was difficult, because there were so many designs that I could've chosen from. Next time, I think that I will do a carving, with a different design. But, overall, I like my project because it's unique and I love dream catchers.


Created with images by Pexels - "colorful colourful dream catcher" • betsyweber - "I have an 8-bit heart... 3-D printing on the Makerbot"

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