John Barben Sports portfolio

I shoot all sports - and all ages - and all standards - as long as the players are competing and care about the result then it's worth watching and it's worth recording

Senior 1st team hockey...
...or junior
watching the best sports action is a joy
Surfing in Devon
Surf star Charlie at North Devon Surf School
Transcendental for some

Athletics is a personal challenge - and a photographer's chance to pick from so may events

...and when it all comes together ... beauty and mastery
Winning - really it is everything... 2nd place doesn't feel great

...in any sport!

and being champion feels like this!
No time for second place
no second chances
...and second to the ball is last
and keeping your eye on... everything

If you are interested to talk more... contact John on 07973 420022 or visit www.exstops.com



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