Britain's Got Talent Orley Style!

Dear OFS Community,

Before I get to some exciting BGT news, we started the week continuing with our 'Responsibility' theme, taking it beyond the individual to 'Collective Responsibility'. This comes at a good time considering that the government messaging is talking about all of us playing our part. We revisited what we can and should do in terms of:

  • Keeping our awareness of distancing wherever possible.
  • staying aware of the airborne nature of the virus and avoiding projecting voices and singing when close to others!
  • And the obvious one...wash, wash and wash our hands!

I shared the following clip that describes 'Collective Responsibility' rather well:

There is a beach where starfish are often found stranded after the high tide retreats. As far as the eye can see, there are starfish covering the sand. A little boy was returning them to the sea, one at a time. An old man watched the boy and then went and asked 'What are you doing?', the boy replied, 'I'm saving the starfish.'.

The old man thought for a moment and then said, 'There are millions of starfish, you can't hope to make a difference...' The boy bent down and picked up a starfish, he gently returned it to the sea and turned to the old man and said...

I made a difference to that one...

Our quad had a breakout of stranded starfish - there were hundreds all over the place and frankly it would have taken me hours to collect them all...I have no idea how they arrived in landlocked Harrow!

However, pupils from all sections of the school didn't step over them, they picked them up and returned them to the bucket:

Talking of stars, I was delighted to be contacted by the Shah family who have found themselves with a pretty exciting weekend ahead - they've made it through to the next round of Britain's Got Talent and will be performing this Saturday night. Eashan, an Orleyan and Music Scholar at St. Paul's will be joined by Nayan, his younger brother in Year 6, as they perform as part of 'Chineke!' as they try to leap to the next round..

I caught Nayan earlier this week who was understandably pretty excited and he had a simple message:

We need your vote!

So do join them this weekend as we all wish them the very best in BGT...here's a message from Eashan and Nayan:

Robin Hood comes to the Meadow!

Robin Hood's Merry Men & Gleeful Girls were in training in the Meadow this morning and it was quite a sight! Swords were cutting through the air and many a tale was being told around the campfire!

The amazing part of our Creative Curriculum is seeing and hearing the engagement with learning. I found a group under the oak tree taking muddy dirty water and trying ways to improve it.

We're filtering it using material which makes it look clean but we need to boil it to kill the real germs...

Filtration is taught in Science in Year 5 but I suspect that this Year 2 Robin Hood theme will have them remembering so much more at a much earlier age!

I suspect that there could be more takers for fencing hobby in a few years time!

I hope that Year 2 pupils return home this afternoon full of tales of adventure!

With the weather turning this weekend I would highly recommend an evening in with popcorn and supporting Orleyans in BGT...remember to use your vote wisely but go Nayan and Eashan!

Tim Calvey