Mexico By gianna fox


Where would you see a green ,white and red flag , hear people speaking Spanish and see a plethora of celebrations? If you guessed Mexico, well you are right.Mexico people are nice,they eat variety of different foods, and they care about their flag .

Mexican People

Mexican people are nice, sweet, and they speak Spanish. Mexican people love baseball, football, and wrestling. There are a millions of people that live in Mexico. When they are 15, they learn to read and write. They love to eat spicy foods. They love beans, and tortillas. The Aztecs and Mayans live there too.


The flag is important to the Mexican people. The colors are red, green, and white. In the middle there is an eagle. The eagle symbolizes the Aztecs. The legend is that the Gods told the Aztecs they should make their homes where an eagle was perched on a cactus eating a serpent. They celebrate Flag Day on February 24. Mexican people honor the flag.

This is the Mexican flag


Mexican people eat a variety of different foods. For example they eat tortillas, fried beans. The foods that they eat are spicy. Additionally, they eat corn, avocados, tomatoes, chili peppers and rice. In conclusion they eat many different foods.Thats part of there culture.

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