Podcasting @ Centennial Journalism

A Collection of Student Podcasts from our Journalism Programs

Podcasting is having its moment around the world and Centennial College is training students in this important storytelling medium. Both the advanced diploma program and the Contemporary Journalism program offer a podcasting course that sees students conceive, create, and produce their own original podcasts.

With a focus on adhering to the latest industry standards of excellence in writing, audio design and performance, the results have been brilliant. The hope is that students will translate their classwork into careers in podcasting both while they are at school, and beyond.

The courses are taught by experienced CBC Radio journalists Jill Dempsey and Ellin Bessner who guide students through not just the recording and editing of a podcast but the creation of a trailer, logo and business plan.

Students learn how to use professional editing software including Adobe Audition, Audacity, Adobe Premiere Pro and others.

Listen to some of the student work:

Jam Sesh Stories

Jam Sesh Stories, by Trevon Smith, is about an up and coming Scarborough band that literally comes out of the parents' basement and does its first big gig at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

Black Girl Chronicles

Featuring students Felisha-Henry Lee and Allison PalmerFelisha-Henry Lee and Allison Palmer, both of Jamaican-Canadian origin but now living on opposite sides of Toronto. They discuss issues such as growing up in one-parent families and how their mothers tried to comb their hair.

A Taste of Home

A trio of international students, Rhythm Sachdeva, Veronica Kim, and Pauline Yu, find the most authentic restaurants that remind them of home. Along the way, they teach each other about their cultures and foods, while tasting scrumptious treats.

Any Place But There

For the history buffs the Any Place But There podcast by Landen Kruger, uses sound effects to take you to the scariest disasters in history like the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius near Pompeii, Italy.

Know Where You Stand

With an eye on Indigenous reconciliation, Sam Kavanagh and Isabel Terrell take to the streets of Toronto's historic neighbourhoods in their Know Where You Stand podcast, to explain the history of St. James Town, and Kensington Market.


For those who love or hate Toronto's never-ending transit problems, P.J. Boyd created DRIVIN' THE 6, where he served as an amateur tour guide, taking non-Torontonians on trips through parts of the city