Driverless Cars By: Alexandra Fedele

1) There have been numerous experiments on driverless cars since the 1920s. Different cities in Europe have been in the works of operating these cars and some places are allowing robotic cars in traffic. In states such as Nevada, Florida, California and Michigan, laws have been passed that permit autonomous cars since 2013. Google started developing driverless cars in 2009 and didn’t announce it to the public until later that year.
2) Driverless cars will help benefit society in a positive way and with this sensory technology, the systems will be able to detect different obstacles and bad visibility to avoid traffic accidents.
3) There are many advantages of driverless cars and the main one being that roads will be safer. In the article I’m reading, statistics show that more than 30,000 people die in traffic related deaths every year and with driverless cars, the numbers should be reduced tremendously. “In fact, if about 90% of cars on American roads were autonomous, the number of accidents would fall from 6 million a year to 1.3 million. Deaths would fall from 33,000 to 11,300, according to a study by the Eno Centre for Transportation.” (Goodman, 2016) It can also reduce the risk of drunk driving which is something that has been increasing rapidly over the years. Furthermore, drivers will have more time for things while in the car and also parking becomes easier. “For example, self-parking AVs do not require open-door space for dropping off passengers when parked, allowing them to occupy parking spaces that are 15 percent tighter.” (Wee, 2016)

5) While the whole self-driving thing sounds amazing for most people, there are some issues that Google has had that still need solutions. Over the past six years there has been around 11 minor crashes which raises many questions about when the driverless cars will be ready. However, there are some other things that could use some improvement and that includes better communication, better sensors and better maps. In conclusion, the driverless car will be an incredible advancement in the future and before we know it, everyone will be using them.


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