The Social Experience

I went to the Performance alone, but met a stranger named Chirag soon after arriving there. Before I attended the performance I read a little bit about Sarah Bernhardt.

Attending the performance with Chirag made the performance much funner. When I was waiting in line and waiting for the performance to start it was nice to have Chirag to talk to. Thus, having a person with me allowed me to have no down time during the performance because it was interesting to have someone to talk to while waiting. In addition, during the intermission and after the performance we talking a little bit about the performance. Our conversation helped me understand the performance a bit more because there were parts of the performance we interpreted differently. Thus, helping me understand the story from another perspective.

Sharing your experiences helps in achieving the Good Life because people are able to look back on experiences together which makes it much more valuable. In addition, sharing experiences can help people understand each other better. For everybody interprets everything in life differently. So, when people share their experiences with each other they will have different feelings or thoughts. Thus, allowing people to understand each other more and helps broaden peoples perspectives. For achieving the Good Life requires looking at life from multiple perspectives because without it you may not see things in a better way and forever look at things in one way which can be dull.

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