Natural Habitats by: rachel shi


  • plants have adapted current conditions
  • growing warmth causes more shrubs trees to grow but less grass and forbes
  • less than 1% of land total in the region

Rivers and Streams

  • water pollution adds to the declining quality of soil
  • plants have adapted to flooding so when the weather is dry or the water level decreases, they dry out
  • reduce fertilizers and pesticides

Coastal Areas

  • hundreds of millions of people live in areas close to coast
  • New Orleans, Miami, NYC and Venice, Italy could more frequently and severely flooded
  • rising sea level will eventually erode beaches & cause damage to wetlands near coast
  • wetlands give animals and plants habitat & protect shore flooding-rising sea levels leave less habitat & flood Everglades
  • try not to disturb flow of water and land/plants in wetlands


  • weather gets too warm making soil dry & certain crops needing specific growing coniditions can't grow
  • CO2 brings quality of pasture down requires livestock to eat more
  • if global temp increases 3.6 deg.F, corn production in US likely to decrease 10% to 30%
  • floods and storms cause damage to crops
  • farmers should plant crops at different times of year and crops able to survive hot dry climate


  • plants have adapted to current climate conditions in different ways
  • pests and diseases are threatening dominant species
  • restricting trails with non resilient areas, areas without the ability to return to their original form or back to the way they used to look


  • piping plovers cause controversy
  • wildlife officers fenced big sections of sand on beach where piping plovers nest
  • time of nesting is same time people usually like to go to beach-around june
  • people who disturb nest have to pay fine of $10,000 which results in losses of $60,000 to $150,000 each season



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Created By
Rachel Shi


Created with images by kewl - "aoraki mount cook mountain" • Unsplash - "river rapids gulch" • USDAgov - "shutterstock_116730364" • daniepd2012 - "Forest" • U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Northeast Region - "Piping Plover"

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