The pomegranate tree Tatum lackey

Most friendships have a shirt or a song that represents them but some simply have a tree. " The kite runner" by Khaled Hosseini is a historical drama. In "the kite runner" it shows how the pomegranate tree symbolizes Amir and Hassan's friendship through out this life changing story.

Through out the novel the pomegranate tree shows a great significance in Amir and Hassan's life. The tree represented their friendship "There was a pomegranate tree near the entrance to the cemetery. One summer day I used one of Ali's kitchen knives to carve our names on to it "Amir and Hassan, the sultans of kabul." Those words made it formal that the tree was ours." By carving their names into the tree it shows the start of their friendship. Therefore Amir and Hassan find equality within the tree. "Sitting cross-legged sunlight and shadows of pomegranate leaves dancing on his face." Even though Amir and Hassan come from to different ethnics, at the tree none of that matters. Hassan and Amir don't see each other as two different people all they see is a best friend in one another that they can have by their side.

Most people run away when someone is in need of help however, thats just a reaction that most do in a situation. Amir ran away when Hassan was in need of assistance to get free. "I had one last chance to make a decision. one final opportunity to decide who I was going to be, in the end I ran." Amir made a choice to run a way when his best friend was in great danger. Like almost all friendships it always comes to a end even without trying to end it. "I stood up and picked up an overripe pomegranate that had fallen' what would you do if i hit you with this?'." Amir feels horrible for what he has done, all he wants is for his best friend to forgive him. some memories never fade away.

In the end of the novel the pomegranate tree dies which also shows how their friendship ends up being no more. Like most good things everything must come to an end eventually. "The drought have dried the hill and the tree hasn't born fruit in years." It shows their friendship stopped years ago but they still remember it. We all share memories but some we cherish more than others. "Do you remember how we used to sit under the pomegranate tree there and read from the shahnaman." He has a good memoire of how their friendship used to be. The tree died along with their friendship.

Khaled Hosseini picked a fruit tree to represent Amir and Hassan's friendship, it shows how the boys go through different obstacles each one harder than the last. Although the tree is such a simple symbol, it means so much to them it's how their relationship started in the beginning. The pomegranate tree went through its own life time along side Amir and Hassan in the end none of them no longer exist as one.


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