Flame Thrower Hannah susie

What is it?

The Flame Thrower is a mechanical device that throws long streams of fire and can turn a man into crispy fries

How did it develop or who used it?

Richard Fiedler is the one who is credited for inventing the Flame thrower and it was made in Germany around 1901

What was it's purpose?

The flamethrower, which brought terror to French and British soldiers when used by the German army in the early phases of the First World War in 1914 was not a particularly innovative weapon.

What does it say about WWI?

Modern flamethrowers were first used during the trench warfare conditions of World War 1

It made it harder for the other "enimies" in war that was not on the Germans army because it almost made them overpowered and this changed the out look of war the flamethrower was a game changer to WW1 WW2 and any other war

How did the weapons of WWII change from WWI?

Along with mustard gas the flamethrower made it easier to kill a larger portion of soldeirs at a time but were harder to make and more expensive.

Explain how this topic is part of a larger legacy or lasting impact on people today.

Flame Throwers cost $1600 today

You can get a flamethrower licence in most states (its legal)

Cite sorces: Wikipedia and Google search results and www.firstworldwar.com/weaponry/flamethrowers.htm


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