A Tale of the Good Life the Experience of the divine

walking in!

The lights were dimmed as well all entered the small theater. I make my way to the second row of seats. Close enough to the stage to be able to reach out and touch it with one step forward. The theater seems petite compared to most, yet just the right size to house all the good life students. The quaint theater made the space more intimate, perfect for a performance to capture its audiences. The stage in front of us is only illuminated by the faux stain glass windows hovering above the set. Soon white snowflakes fall behind the windows, setting the scene for a cold wintery city. We wait in anticipation for the play to begin as the lights dim down once more. Only small mumbles can be heard. Our eyes are peeled towards the front stage, yet out come the first actors surprisingly from the sides of us. And the play begins.

Ones good life can be affected by the space or place they are in, it is a key to enjoying life. You either have to make the most out of the area you are in or find a space that fits you. Its all about adjusting, or seeking to find your own good life. Whether it be on the beach, in a city, in the mountains, in your home, etc. Finding your "Happy Place". Thats why spaces make such a big difference in the way we experience something. Similar to how the space and stage in the theater affects the enjoyment of a performance.

I attended the play with a few friends. We are all architecture majors so we spend al lot of time with each other in the studio. It was interesting to actually get up and out of the studio and do something different for a change. We all met up and got a quick bite to eat before heading to the Constans Theater. Going with friends was definitely a bonus. We all talked up the play beforehand and could easily discuss it after. Sharing moments together with people makes experiences more memorable. Making connections makes people happier. So shared experiences gives you a greater opportunity to make those connections that all add up to ones good life.

The Performance helped me see things in a new way in the sense that I forget how conditions and sacrifices played hand and hand during that time period. The sacrifices that the family had to make in order to send their son and brother to the seminary. It shined some light on the conditions of low play and working conditions, as well as the oppressions of the Catholic Church in the reach to the arts. As an attempt to censor things that are considered inappropriate or even radical to the religious views of the church. It makes me understand where we have come from and grown as people with beliefs and our culture; Where are tolerations have grown and and our acceptance for different views. The central issue that is addressed in the performance is inner morals that push your decisions. your decision to lie or your decision to ban something that you don't identify with. Before the performance I only knew vaguely the plot and the backstory of Sarah Bernhardt, who in fact is a very interesting woman. The subject matter does not currently relate to my life, besides the small fact of finding yourself, that both Talbot and Michaud encounter.

"The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt" provides us an opportunity for Katharsis because it demonstrates to frustration and struggle that one comes across in daily life. The pressure and the pain of stepping up to a bully, lying to do something good, making a statement, or finding yourself. The Performance expresses problems that one my have come across at some point in their life in it helps to live through these characters shoes to me to terms with it and shine light on the subject.

Till next time

All photos were taken by myself along with the help of my friend aside from the cover photo which was provided by adobe photo finder.


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