Martin Parr the ordinary world of an extraordinary photographer

"Martin Parr has been the dominant force in British photography over the last thirty years and one of the most dominant in European photography." [Gerry Badger, The Pleasure of Good Photographs, ]

The fundamental thing I'm exploring constantly is the difference between the mythology of the place and the reality of it.[8]:57 ... Remember I make serious photographs disguised as entertainment. That's part of my mantra. I make the pictures acceptable in order to find the audience but deep down there is actually a lot going on that's not sharply written in your face. If you want to read it you can read it.[8]:69,70

"In November 1972 Impressions Gallery opened in a room above a shop in York with the first ever exhibition by the then unknown Martin Parr. As one of the first specialist photography galleries in Europe it has gone on to play a vital role in championing photography and has had a huge impact on the development of the photographic culture in Britain.".. from Impressions Gallery website

"Home, Sweet Home" exhibition at Impressions, York (1972). Andrew Sproxton and (R) Martin Parr at the opening
Bad Weather, 1982
The Last Resort, 1986
The Last Resort, 1986
The Cost of Living, 1989
Small World, 1995
Bored Couples, 1993
Boring Postcards
The Last Parking Place
The Photobook: A History (in 3 vols.)
My photos from various encounters with Martin Parr. Spot anyone in the audience at the big retrospective at the Hepworth, Wakefield (first photo in the sequence) ?
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