Comics Into Film by Noah Smith

I chose hero movies for my 2016 year in review because of their in recent years comic book superheros have seen a huge spike in popularity. Comics have inspired and captured the attention of readers for decades dating back to the 40's and 50's. They took Americans minds off of the great depression and war and helped define the times.

Movies with comic book heros have made 677million dollars in 2016 on their opening weekends. They have brought in the most money this year than and the trend will only continue to rise. Civil war, The Avengers, The Avengers age of Ultron and Iron man three have all made over 1 billion dollars.

Suicide squad was one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. This movie was the first of its kind to combine a team of villains in the hopes of using them for good. The movie got a lot of negative feedback from many critics but still made good box office sales. so far it has made over & 700 million dollars in sales worldwide.

The popularity of the movies is only increased by the fact that its easy to make more super hero movies. So far DC has seven upcoming films, Marvel has 8 and still there will be many more from Sony and fox. X-Men is a perfect example as eight movies have already been produced.

I have concluded that hero movies are so popular because they bring imagination to life and have endless adventure and entertainment to offer. I feel that retro movies are making a comeback because of recent and upcoming reboots of movies like Ghostbusters, Tarzan and Star Wars.


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