Madagascar By: Abhiraj desai

Where Is Madagascar located

Madagascar is an island country located off the southeastern coast of Africa. The island is the fourth largest in the world. Madagascar is known as the Great Red Island for its rich, red soil. Its capital is Antananarivo.

Why to go to Madagascar?

Madagascar is a Perfect Place to travel because of all the wildlife and the nature which the students can learn from. Students can build knowledge from a country which was once influenced from Africa and Indonesia. Students can also gain knowledge by going to place in Madagascar as the national wildlife parks and the famous Royal Hill of Ambohimanga and 5Avenue of the Baobabs.

Respect: in Madagascar

- Always respect the elderly people in Madagascar, it is a common tradition in Madagascar that if you ever visit a remote village you should always meat the head of the tribe to show respect.

-Do not wear revealing clothing in public. Madagascar is a Muslim and a Christian country, and in Islam and Christian, people, especially women are not allowed to show most parts of their bodies. Consider wearing something which is not revealing and that has covered up most of your body.

- in the villages of Madagascar you have to eat while sitting on the ground, you have to also it with only your right hand as people us their left hand to clean themselves in the lavatory.

Another strange ways to show respect is that, if you are ever pointing at something or at someone you should always bend the finger you are pointing with.

Is Madagascar the right place for a school trip?

Yes, but one problem the students will face is the long trip which takes about a minimum of 17 hours. now after seeing the problem let's talk about the positive side of the trip, firstly, the students will Get knowledge about a lot of Stuff For example the Diffrent tipes of species of animals and plants. They could also learn about madagascars structures and culture. Secondly, the students could also help the people who need help by raising money of building house and Diffrent needed infrastructures.

The end

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