Global Relief The Brand Guide

We believe that every person has the right to care and assistance.

We are a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs – and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs – for all people around the world, regardless of race, creed, or political persuasion.


Our supporters donate their time, money, and blood to the humanitarian work of GR.


Your local GR unit welcomes you! We can train you to respond to disasters, have you assist us in supporting fundraising events, and help us to connect families displaced by disasters or conflict.

Become an Employee

We are committed to ensuring that our people, programs, and services reflect the diversity of the people and communities we serve. We encourage you to join us on this journey and experience the greatness of the human spirit.

Since its founding in 1913, GR has been the world’s premier emergency response organization. As part of a worldwide movement that offers neutral humanitarian care to the victims of war, GR distinguishes itself by also aiding victims of devastating natural disasters.

GR offers services in the following areas: community services that help the needy; support for military members and their families; educational programs that promote health and safety; and international relief and development programs.

We have more than 3 million volunteers and 70,000 employees.

what type of images do we use?

The imagery needs to show a strong sense of action like the images up above, they should have hues of orange and red to get the viewers energy to a boiling point. We want to inspire the viewer to take action in supporting our organization.

What do we send to our followers?

Corporate Collateral
Even in the darkest of times, we see the light.

We want to be personal. Our goal is to bring lightness into the darkest times of someone's life. Our corporate collateral represents just that. It is printed on black paper however our branding stands out and brings clarity to the reader.

The logo

The logo was designed to look like a superhero in a cape flying off to save the world. The colors were closely tied to the "Superman" style. We created a bold look to show that we are strong and ready to help out at any moment. The font we used is called "Abolition" and can be found on Type Kit which is a part of the Adobe Font Collection. We wanted our colors to show a sign of hope and relief. we believed that a bright red and a bright blue were the correct way to go because red usually is represented in red cross or first aid while blue is calming and refreshing.

the business card

The business card will also be printed on black paper to make sure there is a strong contrast with the logo. On the back the business card will include the employee or volunteer's name and title. The rest of the information will belong to the company.

The Letterhead

The letterhead would also be printed on black paper and it would have the address, website and other information in the header and footer depending on who it was being sent to. There is a lot of space in the center for letters and notes. The letters will be printed out in white on top of the black paper. It will be easy to read and it will look different than most of the other mail that is received on a daily basis.

thank you gifts

Every time someone makes a larger donation than $100 they will receive a limited edition Global Relief sweatshirt in their specific size. These would be mailed out after the individual makes a donation or volunteers for a certain amount of hours. These can also be bought for $40.

Annual Report Template

We want our viewers to quickly find our information. Everyone will be looking for something different so we must make it simple and easy to find. Our design will work with charts and larger text. The point is for the person not to read the annual report but to take a look at it and understand and remember the information provided for them. This will be available in both PDF and print formats.

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