James Naismith Ryan and jacob

Born November 6th 1861.died November 28th 1939 born in Canada.while he was a child his parents died from typhoid fever.James went to live with his uncle Peter.he helped work on afarm Young James enjoyed playing games were duck on a rock..it would be part of inspiration basket ball.In1883 Naismith enrolled at the McGill university in Montreal.He was a good athlete and participated in many sports including football lacrosse gymnastics and rugby.He later left Montreal and moved to Massachusetts were he went to work for the YMCA.He invented basketball as a sport for fun.Naismith came up with inventing basketball.That made him famous .Then it did not take long to be a favorite sport for boys. Wanted people to have fun. It was first played in 1891. James wanted a new sport. It was famous everywhere.They would shake hands with all the teams.They won 18 medals.Pro player Charles barely salm dunked before any other players. They all fight for the ball they all drive the ball to the basket.They play and try very hard!!

Shooting the basketball in the hoop in a basketball game.


Created with images by KeithJJ - "basketball shooting player" • Mr ATM - "Basketball-28"

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