A Kiss of Color how lipstick can brighten your day

A little lipstick can show someone's personality.

Lizzy's Relaxation
Sheen Lipstick "Sugared Maple" by Color Design, $10.00

"Why do I love wine and lipstick? Well, I whine less with lipstick! Get it?"

After a long week, or even just a long day, it can be nice to relax with a glass of wine or two. Lizzy likes this Sugared Maple lipstick to power through those busy days to her wine time!

Elizabeth's Brightness
Smart Fusion "Crimson Red" by KIKO Milano, $4.00

"Bright and happy lipstick and chocolate that's just as sweet? Sounds like a dream to me!"

When she saw this hot chocolate, Elizabeth's eyes popped. Her lipstick, in turn, makes her pop just as much. She likes bright, bold lipstick colors and loves this Crimson Red because it doesn't clash with her hair.

Rachael's Happiness
Ultra Satin Lip "Magic Wand" by Colourpop, $6.00

"Lipstick is sharp enough for any look while showing the message of femininity."

As a photographer, Rachael knows the importance of getting the right look. Her Ultra Satin Lip color pairs with any outfit and can help her tackle any situation the day throws at her.

Caity's Sweetness
Full Color Lipstick "whisper me wishes" by p2, $4.00

"My lipstick shakes up my world, leaving it brighter than it was!"

Caity's personality is as sweet as a milkshake, and her lipstick often reflects that. Always up for a sweet treat and a laugh, she loves this Full Color Lipstick that can be matched with any outfit and is always ready on the go.

JoAnn's Joy
Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15 "Glam Magenta" by KIKO Milano, $8.00

"When I'm at the ocean and having a glass of wine, there's an atmosphere of joy. This lipstick just enhances it!"

The ocean always makes JoAnn feel calm. Having some sun protection in her lipstick makes her even calmer. That's why this Ultra Glossy lipstick with SPF 15 is her go-to beach lipstick.

Rachael's Confidence
Ultra Matte Lip "Bumble" by Colourpop, $6.00

"Lipstick is the one thing my mother never left the house without."

Even during a tough day, Rachael's lipstick reminds her of her mother's strength, empowering her to get through her challenges. This intense color highlights her natural smile and joy, as well as her ability to conquer anything.

Lizzy's Look
Liquid Velvet "Head Over Heels" by Ciate London, $19.00

"Confidence is about being able to show your true colors - through both your lipstick and your clothes."

Lizzy loves shopping for her next big, bold look. A bright lip color, like this Liquid Velvet lip stain, gives her the confidence to try out new combinations while she's in the store.

JoAnn's Adventures
Intense Colour "Frosted Red" by KIKO Milano, $6.00

"Travelling and experiencing new cultures is exciting for me, and lipstick makes me feel ready for all the photos!"

Between always being on the move and documenting her travels, JoAnn needs a color bright enough to be noticed. This Frosted Red lipstick does just that, and it makews her feel more confident in finding new adventures.

Caity's Uniqueness
Outlast All-Day Moisturizing Lip Color "Plum Berry" by COVERGIRL, $7.99

"My lip stain is as unique as my taste in music - and as unique as me!"

Caity needs two things to get through the day: a lip color that will stay on all day and a great playlist. Singing is one of her favorite pastimes, so music is key, and this Outlast All-Day lip stain keeps her smiling all day long.

Elizabeth's Passion
Gloss Lipstick "Ambitious" by Shaka, $6.50

"Dancing makes me feel whole and free. A bright, bold lipstick makes me feel just as invincible."

This lipstick is dark enough to be noticed, but muted enough to keep the attention on Elizabeth's dancing. After years of pursuing her biggest passion, she loves dancing wherever she is - even in the park! A little lipstick makes her ready to tackle the world.

What does lipstick help you do?

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