All signs point to Rome A showcase of signage

Road signs, business signs, stops signs, and whatever else. Signs are everywhere in life. Some tell us where we are, where to go, how fast to go, what to buy, and how fast to drive. I think signs are interesting in their way of being everywhere and yet each one is different. Wether it is because of location, contents, condition, or whatever. Each sign is unique in its own way and I just like them.

I wthink the best picture out of this collection is the Fresh Italy picture. I like the way the lighting plays with the neon signs and the background lighting of the sky makes for a unique picture. Overall I think it's one of my favorite pictures I've taken
This photo is of the sign at my old elementary school. I thought that the address part of the sign was the most interesting part of the sign. I really like the stark white and black part of the signs as it creates a contrast with everything else having color.
This is a picture of the sign that names my suburb even though my suburb isn't separated by anything from the rest of the city. I think the rusting on the sign adds a cool contrast to the plain white color of the sign. Along with the green of the grass it adds an interesting comparison of stark white and color
This is a picture of the speed sign outside of my house. I like how i captured it an upward angle. I dunno I just think it's a cool picture.
Handicap sign outside of the local baptist church. I like how the where the sign is pointing isn't in the frame. I guess it's a cool picture too.
No parking anytime made to look ominous. I like how the light in the background grabs your attention but, yet at the same time the sign in the foreground also grabs it. Kind of cool you know.
Yeah I was trespassing... I wasn't I took the picture from the sidewalk. I wanted to frame the whole sign in the picture because.... I wanted too. Yeah kind of cool kind of rebel totally not me.

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