Top 5 Gluten Free Restaurants in Italy By: Alaina Backer

Experience eating gluten free food all over Italy. My favorite places were in Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast, and Venice

The most unique restaurant that I ate at in Rome was right acrose from my hotel. Its name is Ristorante Terem Di Dioclenziano. This restaurant is not in the main square but close walking distance. The location is right near the opera theater. In early roman times, this restaurant was used as a bathhouse. It has a unique look and the inside is even more suprising. There is a rooftop dining room that gives a good view of the part of town it is in. Here, I ate risotto, which is a rice based dish. They also had gluten free pizza options.

The next stop is in Venice. This restaurant has a friendly feel and great tasting pizza. It was a cascual place and a decent price. At this resturant, I got a gluten freee mushroom pizza. Normally, I do not like mushrooms but these mushrooms tasted very good. They were a good quality mushroom. The dough was the best part because it was thick and chewy. Be warned if eating in Venice because the canal floods the city if it is at ahigher tide. Although not what we had originally planned, my family and I made it an adventured and walked back to the hotel with our pants rolled to our knees and barefoot.

The Amalfi Coast is the most scenic place a person can eat at. The restuarant I ate at was Santa Caterina. This is a more expensive option, but the food was worth it. We started with an antipasta, which had different cheeses and vegetables. This is a nice starter and dips into the Italian culture of how they do not always eat carbs. Then I got a seafood riosotto. It had tiny octopus legs, shrimp, squid and scallops. Although it looked a little strange, the flavor was amazing.This was one of my all time favorite meals. To get to this restaurant, its lots of windey roads, but has an amazing view right at the edge of the cliff.

The best gluten free pizza that I have ever eaten is at Mister Pizza which is located in Florence. It has a great location that is in the main square of the city. It was so good I ate there twice! I loved this place because they had the perfect dough. They make any pizza gluten free and the toppings were amazing. This pizza is moan worthy and I would definetly eat here again a few times. The pizza in the the picutre is a white pizza with a bay leaf on top.

Another fantastic restaurant in Florence was my favorite place to eat. This restaurant is Le Bolteghe Di Donatello and the most diverse gluten free options that I have ever seen. I first started with gluten free garlic bread. Then my mom and I ordered seperate dishes and shared. She ordered a gluten free lasagna. The sauce tasted fresh and flavorful. The cheese was stringy and melts in the mouth. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the dish altogether tasted amazing. I ordered a gluten free gnocchi. This was my favorite dish the whole trip. Gnocchi is small dumplings made from potato, semolina, or flour, and usually served with a sauce. These were potato based and a little chewy and flavorful. Overall, this meal was amazing and there are many other gluten free options that I did not have the chance to eat everything. Gluten free pizzas have to be ordered a day in advance so there is enough dough made. Another note is that they are closed on mondays, so always have a backup restaurant in mind if this happens.

A must have in Italy is gelato. This creamy icecream is everywhere but the taste is amazing. There are hundereds of flavors and can be in a cone or a dish. My favorite flavor is a chocolate coffee, which name was in Italian.


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