ArtsFest/SportsFest 2017 April 21, 2017

A little bit of rain couldn't stop one of our favorite days of the year! ArtsFest/SportsFest was a huge success.

The Powder Puff football game drew quite the crowd as teams from each of the classes battled it out.

Inside, some of the lower school students showed off their artistic side by showcasing their creativity in a number of ways.

Creativity awaited around every corner as the Lausanne students showed off their abilities.

Inside the Elder Performing Arts Center (EPAC), students gathered to sing a Banladeshi song.

Students braved the occasional sprinkles of rain to sign shirts and yearbooks and play games. Each class represented by a different colored shirt.

Students took the time to sign shirts as well. Each student wearing a list of classmates names on their class shirts by the end of the day.

When they weren't signing shirts, the students were remembering memories they had made over the school year as they signed yearbooks.

The day also provided the opportunity for teachers to get out and enjoy the fun.

On the soccer field, the lower school students were enjoying their own set of games.

Tricycle races were a popular activity, as laughter filled the air.

What better way to spend a warm spring day than by enjoying games that get you soaked?

As the day wound down, the lower school students looked to leave their mark on campus sidewalks with their own artwork.

And as the day ended, there were smiles on all faces as lower, middle, and upper school students alike finished out another ArtsFest/SportsFest at Lausanne.

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