Electromagnetism and Gravity By: Emma McIntyre

The time has come. Aliens have finally come in contact with Earth. They apparently come from the planet “Eyedoughnt Beleevu" which is located in another dimension. They were very confused on how no one on Earth was floating around and how we are able to use magnets, charged devices, etc. It turns out that they have no electromagnetism or gravity at all on their planet. When scientists tried to explain it to them, they didn't believe them! So we have an exclusive interview with one of the aliens named Levivu and she will ask us questions about gravity and electromagnetism.

- Hello Levivu, how are you today?

- I am good. I really don't want to be here with you Earthling but my colony wants to learn more about this so called electromagnetism and gravity so here I am.

- Okay then let's get started then.

What is electromagnetism and why does it happen?

Electromagnetism is the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields carried out through atoms. Inside atoms there are two particles, protons and electrons. Protrons give off a positive electric charge while electrons give off a negative charge. These charges against one another. A positive charge and a negative charge will attract while two of the same charges will repeal.

Since iron is one of the three metals that attract to magnets, the iron is attracted to opposite ends of the magnets because of opposite charges.

Electromagnetism happened because of those opposite charges. Let's say you were going to create a magnet from wire and batteries. You would connect each end of the wire to each of the different ends of the battery. Since a negative and a positive charge is in use, an electric current is created and so is magnet. But is one end of the wire is disconnected, then there is no electric current.

An electric current is in motion
Since only one end of the water is connected to the battery then there is no electric current.

What is gravity and how does it change depending on where you are in the universe?

Gravity is a force that pulls one object of mass towards another object of mass. One of gravity's main factors is mass. The more mass an object has, the more attraction it will get from other objects. Another factor is also distance. The more far apart two objects are, the less gravity there will be. This is why on Earth we are pulled down because our mass is smaller then the Earth's. Albert Einstein created a theory called the Theory of Gravity. He believed that space has a physical thing called a "fabric" that bends with masses. The way the fabric bends shows how we get gravity.

How is electromagnetism the same as gravity and how is it different?

One major difference between gravity and electromagnetism is that electromagnetism runs on charges and gravity runs on masses. Gravity normally occurs with much larger objects while electromagnetism occurs with smaller objects such as magnets. Electromagnetic waves are normally stronger than gravitational waves. One similarity is that the are both a necessity to everyday life on Earth. Without gravity we would be floating around and not be able to stay still on the ground. And without electromagnetism, we wouldn't be able use compasses or be able to use electronics.

Why are some electromagnets stronger than others?

Some electromagnets are stronger than others because there is a stronger current or one electromagnet is bigger than the other. If you take a AA battery and a D battery, the D battery is going to be stronger. This is because since it is bigger, it is able to hold more protons and electrons. There will be a bigger and stronger electric current than the AA battery.

Why is gravity weaker on some planets than others?

Well, this is because of Einstein's Theory of Gravity. One planet might have a bigger mass than the other planet causing the bigger planet to have more gravity. Take the moon and the Earth for example. The Earth has a very big mass while the moon doesn't. This causes everything that comes into Earth's atmosphere to be pull down towards the center of e Earth. This is also why when astronauts go on the moon they are able to jump around and not be forced to the ground.

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