Anesthesiologist Elise Suckling, Period 5

In a nutshell an anesthesiologist is a physician who gives anesthetics to people before, during, or after their surgery. Other duties include...

  • Keep track and write down how much anesthetic was adimedistered at what time
  • Examine patients and use their medical history to determine the risks of surgery
  • Decide if the patient is stable enough to be sent to another room after surgery
  • Position the patient on the surgical table to provide maximum amount of comfort during the surgery

an·es·thet·ic: noun: a substance that induces insensitivity to pain.

Patient receiving anesthetics
Surgical table

Some of the skills this job requires are...

Critical thinking and complex problem solving
Reading comprehension
Time managment
and Coordination

The education required to be anesthesiologist is a M.D.. It could take upwards of 12 years to become an anesthesiologist .

As an anesthesiologist one could make upwards of $187,200 ($90.00+ hourly). The lowest an anesthesiologist can make is $142,590.

The outlook for an anesthesiologist is actually very good and is increasing about 14% (which is higher than average).

After doing research I still want to consider this as a career option because it seems interesting and challenging.

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