Thomas Hobbes "Curiosity is the lust of the mind" April 5 1588 - December 4 1679

Thomas Hobbes was born April 5 1588 in Westport, Wiltshire England. "Curiosity is the lust of the mind" is a quote said by Thomas. It's meaning is that the mind, wants to know all of the answers. His great idea was The Social Contract. Hobbes came to the idea of the social contract because at the time, there was no government to keep things in order and he believed that there would be war. "War... Of every man against every man." - Thomas Hobbes. This idea required people to hand over their rights to one strong ruler in exchange for protection, order, and law. This idea influenced federalists in arguments to adopt the Constitution. Hobbes felt that no one should have more power than anyone else, besides the king.Thomas's idea of the social contract raised a lot of questions in the 17th century because this idea challenged the the relationship between science and religion. The social contract also questioned the power and limitation the government had. This idea raised questions about these things because before this idea came about, there were no set rules or regulations. Hobbes felt that because of the lack of rules life would be nothing but solitary, nasty, brutish, disruptive and short.

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