Digital Imaging Portfolio: Me, Myself, and I By Karen hirales

I'm a really big fan of outer space and the things and places we have yet to discover, so I included human life stepping on the moon in this project, which was to photoshop different ingredients that would go on a sandwich together on a plate and put it somewhere fitting. And since astronaut food is probably lame, I wanted to put a little piece of joy on the astronauts hands.
All that was done in this project was cut out the crab as precise as possible and move it to another image. zWe learned how to use the quick mask mode.
This photoshop project was where we first learned to use the match color and motion blur edit. We had to cut out the bear from another picture and make it seen like it was underwater.
In this project, we learned to download and use different stamps like the flower seen on this van. We added color, design, and stretched out a regular white van.
This started out with a black and white magazine. We added color, shades, and learned how to use the dodge and burn to add depth to the image.
Here, we learned how to layer images to our advantage. We made it look like night time by adding a color overlay and gradient overlay to the building and putting a night time background image on a separate layer. And as to King Kong, well, tall towers always brings him to my mind.
In this photoshop project, we used a normal old house image and manipulated layers, gradience, contrast, motion blur, noise and clouds. The moon is a separate image.
This is one of the first pictures we used to practice photo restoration. Here, we learned to use the healing brush and clone stamp tools.
In this photoshop project, we learned how to apply paint effects to images and use many different types of paint brushes.
After a few practice sheets, this is one of our first illustrator project. We traced the words from the original kleenex logo using the pen tool and the smooth tool.
The Grr project was our first big illustrator project where we first used the width tool.
In this project, we got an image of our choice to trace over and learned how to use the live paint bucket tool.
I made this image just for fun. This is me photoshopped in front of paparazzi.

It has been so much fun to be in this class and I've learned so much from it. The knowledge I take home has been helpful in my life outside of school where I very much enjoy helping my church by making flyers and business cards.

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