Good Life Nature Activity Diana Ryan

Nature on Display

One exhibit that was particularly appealing to me was an underwater simulation that put the viewer into the perspective of a small fish. I felt it was provoking because it conveyed how scary it would be to be a small fish in a pond. The lighthearted nature of the exhibit made it thought provoking without creating anxiety.

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly garden helped me to experience nature in a concentrated, comfortable form. The lighthearted experience of learning about such delicate creatures made me appreciate them, and nature as a whole, more. Knowing now, how much labor needs to be put in to making a small ecosystem such as the butterfly garden work, gave me even more appreciation for the people that work to manage and conserve the land around us.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The National History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by taking us back in time. The first eye-catching piece as you enter the museum is a mammoth. Its sheer size creates awe at first glance. It helps us better appreciate the mystery of the natural world by seeing a vast array of diversity in concentrated form such as a building.

All pictures taken by Diana Ryan

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