Geography final evaluation By: Aneela

These will be a bunch of problems in Canada and solutions to them to make it better by year 2041

Landform regions (Canadian Shield):


Mining releases chemicals into the air. Chemicals like: cyanide, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and acetylene. There also heavy metals used like, mercury, uranium, and lead. The machinery's used would let out exhaust fumes and use gasoline and diesel fuel which could get spilled on the ground.


Cyanide is a chemical used to separate gold from ore. Sometime it will end up spilling into waterways but scientists say that when it is in water, it becomes completely harmless but only if there is a lot of sunlight and oxygen. Sometimes then it still leaves behind some harmful chemicals. After a while it could start damaging fish and plants.

My solution for this is, when mining, take both the ore and gold out of the mine (even though they are together) and take them to a lab so they can separate the gold from the ore over there.

To prevent the gasoline and diesel fuels from spilling off the machinery and onto the ground, they could out this sort of container around it. It would be sort of like a car’s gas tank but not. Imagine one of those big water bottles with a circle lid that does not come fully off, it is connected to the container from one of the sides. Then people can easily open the latch put the gas or fuel in and then close it back. It would have a less likely chance of spilling. It would also be connected better to the machinery in a place like the middle of the machine that is open so it has a less chance of opening and spilling.

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People keep wasting food and throwing them out when they could still be used and are not even rotten. This means that we grow perfectly good food just for it to be thrown out. That is sad because there are so many people everywhere that need food when we are over here throwing it out.

Solution to the problem:

France has this idea where in grocery stores, it is illegal to throw away good food (fruits, vegetables, canned goods, etc) and instead they have to donate the food to food banks, charities or give it to the homeless. That is an idea that i think we should bring to canada but instead of just grocery stores, make it everyone, so people living in houses too. Just like how there are recycling bins, garbage bins, and compost bins, we should make a food recycling bin. Fruits and vegetables that are still good and not rotten or anything can go in there. Not food that is already cooked because that is disgusting and it will spoil. Homeless people or people that really need food can just walk by at any time and go take something. Then people from the city come pick it up on a different day than garbage day and then it is sent somewhere where workers or volunteers will sort it out, and send it to charities, food banks, or give it to the homeless.

I think this would be very effective because it would also help put people off the streets a little and help them be healthier when they can not afford to do so themselves.

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Urbanization is when the urban city starts moving into the rural community. The population of places in Canada keep increasing rapidly and sometimes there is not enough space left for people to live so they start moving more into the rural area and build houses there. That would mean less room for farming so less crops being grown, and that would take away homes for animals because we are destroying their habitats. We might also be taking away home from people too because they might live on farms and the city might want them to move out of those farms so they can tear it down and build more houses.

Canada might soon be too full to hold anymore people and then people will start immigrating to other countries and trade would be a bit harder for us since we would need a lot more of the foods that we grow.

Solutions to this problem:

For a solution we can try and convince other people to move somewhere else that is less crowded although that might not particularly work with a lot of people. Some places are too cold or do not have enough access to food. With those places if it is cold, we can open up a university or two for students who want to focus on more northern studies in weather or how different the animals behave than when in warmer weather. Doctors might want to study exactly how the colder weather effects the human body than the warmer weather so they go up northern for themselves to test it out.

I know that in the places that it is more colder, it is harder to get food since the climate over there is not as good. Shipping food there would be very expensive over train, airplane or even truck. Airplane would be faster but all that money for only some amount of food for the people who are there and they do not want to send too much food so that it is wasted.

Slowly some Cities in Canada are going to expand very far and might go into places like these, so then that would help a bit more with the food situation by more people being over there so they we can send more food.

A solution i came up with is that they can invest on greenhouses. If they have greenhouses, then they do not really need the sun a lot since they have a light that acts like sun. Most likely if it is colder somewhere, there is less sun. The plants can be grown all year long in the greenhouse rather than just the growing season.

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Those were some of my solutions to problems we have in Canada that I hope to fix by the year 2041! I still have about 24 years from now to get it going so there is always a chance :)

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