The Professor By: Brooks Hainen

Ted's eyes blinked open to see a tile floor. The room was full of steel angles each had its own sink and above each table was a light hanging from the ceiling. The light in the corner was flickering on and off. It was making that buzzing noise that lights sometimes do when they flicker. The only other noise Ted could hear was water dripping from the ceiling to a puddle on the floor. It smelled like Ted’s biology classroom at school. There was a rag in his mouth so he couldn't make any noise besides a muffled moan. The rag tasted like it had been used for many uses that Ted didn't want to think about what they could've been. He looked up and realized that he had been tied to the ceiling with a rope by his legs. He could feel a burn forming where the rope was from the friction of his skin and the rope.

Then Ted heard something. Someone was walking into the room. By the sound of the footsteps it sounded like they were wearing some type of work shoes. When Ted looked to his left to try and see who it was walking onward him he gasped. There were several other kids his age hanging beside him. Than Ted saw him. His eyes widened as he recognized his old biology teacher. He was wearing a white lab coat, and his round glasses that he always wore. He had absolutely no hair on his entire head besides a goatee that was starting to grey. He didn't seem to notice Ted was awake.

Then the professor picked one of the kids off the wall and brought him to one of the steel tables.

The professor took out a tray. On this tray was a bunch of metal surgery equipment. Then the professor picked up one of the scalpels. He made a small cut in the kids stomach, and Ted began to feel sick. Why us. Ted thought Why did he pick us and what does he want with us he must be insane. The professor continued to perform his surgery on that poor kid. I've got to get out of here. There has to be a way. I'll end up like that kid if I don't. Ted looked around frantically to try and find a way out. There! In the corner there's a door I can escape through there. But how could I do it? Ted didn't have much time to come up with a plan.

Ted remembered how the professor seemed a little off when he worked at his high school. “Class get out your scalpels.” The professor said. “Yes professor!” The class said. Why does he never tell us his real name? Ted thought. The professor had asked the kids to call him the professor instead of his real name. Ted picked up his scalpel and looked and the passed out rodent below him. The professor always had the kids perform their experiments on live passed out animals. He said it was more realistic and caused you to be more careful. Ted thought that it was just inhumane to do it this way because the animals dying because one of the kids messed up was a common occurrence in his class. And the professor always seemed to have an intense interest in the heart of each animal. He would always ask them to study the difference in each animal's heartbeat. “Ok make your first cut class!” Ted hunched over and prepared to cut into his mouse.

Ted couldn't stay there he knew he'd end up like that other kid if he did. His forehead was like a waterfall of sweat as he watched the professor make his careful incisions in the kid. The scalpel was a pencil and the boy was the paper and the professor was being very careful and delicate with his drawing. And Ted didn't want to end up like him. He was trying to come up with a plan to get to the door without being caught. When he came up with nothing he decided to just wing it. He began in to sway back and forth like a swing going up and down. He started slow and then got faster and faster and suddenly he came crashing to the floor.

The professor whirled around and stared Ted right in the eyes. He put down his scalpel and began to walk towards Ted. Ted was glad that at least he put down the scalpel so now he had a fighting chance. But Ted didn't see the knife in the professor's back pocket.

All of a sudden the professor lunged at Ted! But Ted was quick he kicked him in the face and the professor came down next to him.
Ted quickly got up and made a run for the door. But he tripped over a wire!
And by now the professor was above him and he reached to his back pocket and pulled out the knife he had been hiding.
“Stop! Stop!” Ted yelled “What do you want with these kids here? Are you insane? They have families of their own and you're just taking them here to die! And for what? Some stupid insane experiment that you have!” “I'm very sick Ted.” The professor responded. “I have a serious heart issue and am not able to pay for a procedure at a hospital. I had you guys study the hearts of various animals for me to see if there was another way. But when the school found out I was fired, and this is what it's come to.”
All of a sudden the professor stabbed Ted in the leg. Ted shrieked with pain waking the other kids. They all looked around with confusion.
While the professor was occupied Ted ripped the knife out of his leg and stabbed the professor in his own.
He then proceeded to crawl around to each of the kids and cut them down from the ceiling. Then he made his way towards the door.
It was unlocked but as he was twisting it open he felt a sharp pain in his back. Someone had injected him with something. And then all went black.
When Ted woke up he was in his own room. He sat up confused by the dream he just had. But then put it aside and went to the bathroom to get ready for school.
When he walked into his first period biology class he realized something was different, the professor was back! He thought back to his dream but still put it aside as nothing and told the professor welcome back. But he noticed the entire period the professor had his eyes on him.
And when Ted walked out the door a small note slipped out of his binder. It read “look at your leg.” Ted rolled up his pant leg to reveal a series of stitches on the back of his leg from where he had been stabbed in his dream. But Ted knew it hadn't been a dream now. He then looked back at the biology classroom. The professor was standing there smiling at him. He blew on the window to make some fog on it. Ted watched in horror as he spelled out with his finger “Did you miss me?”

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