Hammurabi's Code Was it Just?

Hammurabi was the leader of the Babylonia Kingdom over 3800 years ago in the fertile crescent region. He wrote a collection of 281 laws to help govern the people. The Babylonia people believed his was sent from god.

Was Hammurabi's Code just?

In my opinion, yes.

The Code took into account the social classes and different types of people. It had different punishments for various people.

* In the prologue the Code stated, "That the strong might not injure the week, in order to protect the widows and orphans..."

** Law #148: If a man has a wife who gets sick, he can't throw her out. He must provide for her in their house even if he gets a new wife.

Considering that life was harsh in 3500 BCE, the Code provided a concrete example of what was right and wrong.

** Law #3: "If a man lies to a judge in a case involving a death sentence. He shall be put to death." This warns others to not lie and that your word means something.

** Law #196: "If a man has knocked out the eye of a free man, his eye shall be knocked out." If you harm someone, usually the punishment is equal to the injury.


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