Bourrée By: kaitlynn Jensen

The Bourrée or "french clog dance " was first introduced by Marguerit de Navarre in 1565. It originates in Auvergne, France. Bourrée was first mentioned as popular in 1665. It was also known as a ballet step, Pas de Bourrée; in which one foot crosses in front or behind the other, a basic ballet step. This step appears in the Nutcracker. The famous composer Bach wrote E minor for the flute, just for this dance. This dance uses 3/8 time music.

Bourrée is proformed by these snowflake fairies

The steps to Bourrée: First and formost this dance is led with the left foot, and you move with your shoulders. The dance can be done with a partner or solo.

Start with your feet together, then step forward with left foot, bring right foot forward and quickly step; right-left-right, then you step back and repeat 4 times. After the fourth time you step forward turn sideways;right-left-right and spin to face opposite direction and repeat 4 times. You continue to do this as long as your music goes, but it is optional.

this link shows how to do the dance:

what the women would wear
what the men would traditionally wear


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Kaitlynn Jensen


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