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Robotic Student

Being stuck at home because of sickness can be a real problem. Kids can miss out on important lessons at school and the chance to hang out with their friends. Well now, remote controlled robots are stepping in to help. Well, rolling in really.

This is how Jacob goes to school.

Using an iPad at his home in the US, he's controlling a Segway with another iPad on top. It lets him see and hear everything going on in class, while his classmates and teacher can see and hear him too.

The reason Jacob needs this amazing system is because unfortunately he can't go to school in person. A couple of years ago Jacob got really sick. Doctors haven't been able to figure out what's wrong yet, so in the meantime he can't go to class.

He started off doing school from home but his mum says it wasn't quite the same as being in class.

ASHLEIGH (MUM): It still wasn't around his friends. It still wasn't being able to talk with his teachers. It just - something was missing.

So his classmates and his school got together and figured out a way to help! Jacob's friend's dad just so happened to have one of these new robots. So he let Jacob use it to attend school in robot-form!

STUDENT/FRIEND MARY: I didn't want him to miss school because he's sick.

His friends and his teacher were really happy to have him back in class too!

TEACHER BECKY: Oh it's so exciting the first day he rolled up and I got to say hi and hug him around the little robot and it was so much fun.

These robots are really helpful for people like Jacob who can't get to school. They're even being used here in Australia.

AUSTRALIAN STUDENT AUDREY TANGE: I had to spend two weeks at home, so it was good talking to everyone because I was starting to get kinda bored. I could look at the board, I could look at other people's workbooks for help and I could speak to my friends.

Back in the US, Jacob says his robot can be tricky to control, but he's getting the hang of it!

JACOB: It's kinda weird at first but then I progressed on and knew how to control it.

And although it's really useful for Jacob to help him see his friends and get back to class, he mainly just loves the fact that now he can say he has his very own robot!

JACOB: It's been an awesome journey so far.

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