1st Annual National Conference 3RD MARCH, 2019 : HOTEL TIP TOP PLAZA


Welcome to World of Neonatal Therapy

Neonatal Therapists shares the responsibility of using an integrated, neuroprotective, family-centered model, provide highly specialized and individualized therapeutic interventions in the NICU.


Encourage the development of skilled and qualified Neonatal Therapists in India.


The mission of the society is to represent the professional group of Neonatal Therapy in India and to endeavor to support the development of knowledge and skills within this field to members, in order to facilitate the delivery of the highest quality of care in the field of practice.

Welcome Note from the President

Nandgaonkar Hemant P
Reflecting back through the past year at the formation of Association for Neonatal Therapists (ANT), at present we are to a pretty clear about the destination. It’s to give an equal opportunity to get the ultra-early intervention services to each and every baby in India. We realized the need to have strong foundation to meet this herculean task. Considering the various aspects like the new area of practice, very few volunteers to contribute, attitudinal, political and cultural barriers towards the establishment of “Neonatal Therapy” as a separate entity by itself we decided to get like-minded people together. Conference was the best solution for the same. Considering the present scenario we decided upon the theme “Consolidating Foundations”. The messages our keynote speakers and presenters will deliver hits right to the core aspects of Neonatal Therapy. Innovation through teamwork and collaboration is the main agenda of the conference. We are into a venture that can get a professional identity for therapist but at the same quality care for the babies & families at large. On behalf of our Organizing team, I invite you to attend and support this tremendous opportunity that is attempting to consolidate foundations for the neonatal therapists. We look forward to seeing you on 3rd March, 2019 at Hotel Tip Top Plaza.

Organizing Secretary

It gives me immense pleasure to invite the Therapist from all over for the 1st ever, annual National conference of the Association of Neonatal Therapists (ANT). The association was formulated in 2018 to support growing young talent among Therapist and enhance the delivery of highest quality care in this field. We are striving to make a significant change and let the world know about all facilities our profession can deliver. Our mission is to represent the neonatal group in India and to guide the knowledge and skills within the field. The need for upgrading status of Neonatal Therapy was felt since a long time and thus, a constructive support for the profession has been devised through ANT organization. Encouraging development of skilled and qualified therapists is the main aim to make a difference.

Message From the Chief Guest

Guest of Honour

With Best Compliments from MP Dr. Kirit Somaiya

Dr. Kirit Somaiya, Chairman, Parliamentary Committee on Labour, Textiles & Skill Development

Desk of Scientific Committee Chairperson

Jaywant Shailaja

It’s a matter of honour to have this noble responsibility of organising the scientific event of “1st Annual National Conference of Association of Neonatal Therapists.” I express my sincere gratitude to the organising committee of “1st Annual National Conference of Association of Neonatal Therapists.”

The theme of this conference is ‘Consolidating Foundation.’ The theme is selected to highlight the contribution of therapists in the developing field of Neonatal Therapy. I am extremely happy to see the response for scientific sessions. This proves its expanding horizon & increasing interest in neonatal therapy practice.

This field is evolving & is trying to achieve newer heights particularly since last decade. This process of expanding horizon must continue with advancement of technology, improvement of skills & competencies. This is possible with exchange of knowledge among professionals & involving in various research activities.

1st Annual National Conference of Association of Neonatal Therapists has provided you the platform for executing research skills & exchange of knowledge. The scientific program committee has invited national & international professionals to share their expertise.

Young & experienced minds are presenting their quality research, innovations & experiences in this field.

I thank all presenters for their contribution & wish you enriched & memorable experience during scientific sessions.

Advisory Board

Jyothika Bijlani, Dean, Academic Council of Occupational Therapy (ACOT) of AIOTA Member.

It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate the organizing team for holding this FIRST Annual conference of Association of Neonatal Therapists (ANT) to be held on 3rd March 2019 in Mumbai, which is very much need of an hour.

The specialized knowledge required for practice in the NICU includes familiarity with relevant medical conditions, procedures, and equipment; an understanding of the individualized developmental abilities and vulnerabilities of infants; an understanding of theories of neonatal neurobehavioral organization; working knowledge of family systems, early social-emotional development, infant mental health, and NICU ecology; and an understanding of multidisciplinary team collaboration. Most importantly, the NICU therapist must have a clear understanding of the manner in which these factors interact to influence behavior. Neonatal practice requires advanced clinical reasoning skills & commitment to the process is essential. One’s ability to work well with other members of the team is the top priority as neonatal medical conditions and developmental variability and abnormality in infants cared for in the NICU is essential to safe, effective practice.

This field is yet to get recognized and practiced on the large-scale in India among health care profession, which is one of the key challenges among both Pediatricians, Neonatologists & the Occupational Therapists.

It is therefore extremely important to organize and hold conferences on this subject to create the awareness among the medical profession so that it gets integrated to other disciplines making it “Comprehensive Health Care Program“ for high risk-infants. Hence this conference’s theme “Consolidating Foundation” assumes so much importance wherein latest scientific approaches can be discussed leading to formation of protocols of best practices for such cases.

I wish you all the best and looking forward to meeting you during THE FIRST Annual conference of ANT.

From The Desk of The Dean

LTMMC & G.Hospital , Sion, Mumbai

Dr.Jayashree Mondkar.

It gives me a great pleasure to send my greetings to all the participants of “1st Annual National Conference of Association of Neonatal Therapists”, going to be held at Tip Top Plaza, Thane.

The theme of this conference is ‘Consolidating Foundation.’ This perspective will open more avenues for the effective interventions in neonatology by the therapists.

As a professor & head of neonatology, I have observed the holistic & integrated approach used by the therapists. Conference is the only way to exchange your knowledge and new innovations

I send my best wishes to the association of Neonatal Therapists & wish a grand success to the conference.

Vice President, ANT

Sanika Vijay Gawade
Congratulations to all the members of ANT on this occasion of its first national conference.It is indeed a great professional opportunity to deal with the earliest stage of life of human kind.Historically the neonates were not cared for there behaviour shown .But with advances in medical technology, awareness & interpretation about infant behaviour, a message that neonates need professional help was spread.Neonatal therapy,a form of treatment to the BABIES born premature or low birth weight or multiple medical diagnosis is a boon.But the developmental intricacies of human birth & life makes it a super speciality to know in-depth about neonates physiology, neurodevelopmental,neuromotor and others aspects that may affect its growth & development.So that these high risk BABIES are in the hands of the highly skilled occupational therapist and have the greatest possible optimal outcomes.I hope this change will stay focussed in supporting the cause of neonatal therapy.


Usha Uday Kasar

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all for the 1St national conference of ANT. With advancement in Neonatal care, care of the high risk infants by a multi and transdisciplinary team has become important to get the maximum benefits to the infant. The theme consolidating foundations very aptly provides a strong knowledge base for young new budding Neonatal therapists and encourage practicing therapists to enhance their skills and provide a platform for research and evidence based practice.

We seek to empower therapists with not just knowledge base but also provide a platform for showcasing their skills, but share views and ideas with other disciplines involved in the care of a neonate.

I wish all the participants and all involved in the conference a huge success.

Thanking you

Guest Speaker

Prof. Jayashri Kale
I Dr. Jayashri Kale, Professor and H.O.D Occupational Therapy GSMC,KEMH.Firstly apologise to be unable to accept the invite for this important conference due to unavoidable reasons .Occupational therapy knowledge and skills have gulloped with the pacing rhythm and explosion of science and medication from its time of inception to date. Areas of Medicine diversified to discover the ‘no man’s land's ‘ of specialities. So is one of them, that is neonatal care. Neonates with know complications are taken care of at a war footing with intensive monitoring for stability and growth in the NICU. There are precautions that need to be known by one and all who handle this high risk babies. It is important that the details of this scientific approaches in handling of NICU be extended to gain expertise in handing the NICU babies. ‘Cause no harm’ is the ethical belief in medicine, be it a treating a doctor, therapist, NICU work or anyone should have an in-depth education about NICU care . So is the need for having this programs to prepare learned personnel’s in this field. Govern by the law, today it is imperative to document each and every assessment and goal planning in the field of Medicine, not only for continuity of smooth care but to avoid any untoward efforts of a specific gesture for the future . I hope this conference will help the NICU babies to graduate and easily made through the critical phase of life and integrate into community with stability and ability in the good hands of trained occupational therapist. All the best to the resource person and participants.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Swati Manerkar

The field of Neonatology has come a long way from prevention of mortality to intact survival of tiny sick newborns. As we start saving more and more medically challenging newborns, the intensity of medical interventions is likely to have long term impact. Multidisciplinary care if the need of the hour and neonatal therapists have something unique to contribute in changing the way we see these tiny sick babies. They need to be viewed as little persons who require not only medical but also developmental care.

Best wishes to the team of neonatal therapists in their heartfelt efforts in serving these little babies and their families in the NICU.

Dr. Swati Manerkar

MD, DCH, IBCLC , Fellowship in Neonatology

Additional Professor, Neonatology, LTMMC & GH, SIon, Mumbai

Advisor, ANT

Hattangadi Gayatri; Head of Department, Department of Audiology & Speech Therapy, TN Medical College, Mumbai.

Message for the 1st Conference of Association of Neonatal Therapists

Dear Colleagues,

This is indeed a very proud moment for neonatal therapists in Maharashtra and especially in Mumbai where we are meeting for the first conference of the Association of Neonatal Therapists that is yet in its nascent period!

The cause for neonatal feeding and swallowing therapy and neonatal nutrition is very close to my heart. Today, owing to medical technological and surgical advances we see that a lot of lives of neonates are being saved today, born to difficult pregnancies or with perinatal complications. Apart from their many other complications, these fragile neonates are likely to also have feeding, sucking and swallowing difficulties and it would indeed be tragic to have these neonates and infants survive these odds but succumb to complications arising out of nutritional issues due to poor feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Hence, it is up to each one of the team working in NICU apart from the neonatologists, be they OTists, PTists, SLP (as swallowing therapists) or lactational nurses, to identify the nature of these problems. These neonates may be having feeding problems due to poor posture of mother or poor positioning of baby during feeds or due to lactational issues due to poor milk output in mothers or poor latch on to mother’s breast. In others, the problem may be due to poor sucking and/or swallowing due to poor muscle tone, maxillofacial anomalies among other factors. Some may have a combination of these factors. Once identified, the mothers and caregivers of these fragile neonates need to be guided as to the correct approach for managing these issues affecting optimal nutrition, and followed up even after discharge from NICU.

It is very heartening to see that our intervention goes a long way to enhance the nutrition of these neonates. However, we need to work as a team and have a healthy interdisciplinary approach where we learn from each other in the common interest of raising their teeny abilities as much as we can, so that they can have a safer and healthier future.

I sincerely appreciate and thank the organisers of this First ANT Conference as also the OT Department of Seth GSMC and KEMH for having taken a lead in this venture and look forward to many such professional workshops and conferences in the future.

May the Almighty give our teeny neonates the stamina to fight their battles for survival so early in their lives and help them to win them over. God bless them and their parents and caregivers!

Thanks and regards to all.

Essay Evaluation Committee Jyothika Bijlani (Mumbai), Pratibha Vaidya (Mumbai), Mathew Alexander (Texas), Soni Kumari (Delhi), Rohit Shenvi (Mumbai), Sonal Sharma (Mumbai),Usha Bhojne (Mumbai), Nandgaonkar Hemant (Mumbai) gives Hearty Congratulations to ANT Essay Competition 2019 Winner Anu Meena, Jaipur, Rajasthan

THEME: Consolidating Foundations

agenda at glance


Best Scientific Paper

Best Splint or Adaptive device

Best Innovative Technology

Best Poster

Best Essay

Effects Of PIOMI On Social Emotional Development In Preterm Infants

The Effect Of Ladder Approach In SGA Preterm Infants

The Effect Of Person- Environment- Occupation (PEO) Intervention Model On Stress On Mothers Of Preterm Neonates.

Cue Based Feeding in preterm infants

Positioning of Preterm Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Scoping Review

Case Study

Digital Approach To Neonatal Therapy: INDIA EBUS

Use Of Splinting In NICU: An Early Intervention

Family Centered Developmental Care

Therapeutic Tactile Stimulation In NICU- Why And How

Oral motor problems in neonates & Breast feeding efficacy in mothers

Positioning options in NICU

Kangaroo Mother Care

Sensory Modulation Difficulties In Preterm Infants

Use Of Splinting In Congenital Anomalies: Role In An Early Intervention

Importance Of Neurological Assessment & Its Role In Early Intervention In Neonates.

Essay Reading

Certification for Neonatal Therapist

Valedictory Ceremony

Together, We Can



43. S. P. Compound, Behind K.E.M.Hospital, Gururani Circle, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012

PHONE : +91 9819135551


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Advisory Board

Giving Direction to the Cause

Prof. Ruchi Nanavati

Head of Department, Department of Neonatology, Seth GS Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

Prof. Jayashri Kale

Head of Department, Department of Occupational Therapy, Seth GS Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Jaywant Shailaja

Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, LTMGH, LTMM Hospital, Mumbai

Hattangadi Gayatri

Head of Department, Department of Audiology & Speech Therapy, TN Medical College, Mumbai.

Samant Rekha

Neonatal Nurse, Department of NICU, Seth GS Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Shah Dahara

Consultant Neurologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund


Consultant Physical Therapist, Ace Children's Hospital, Dombivili


Dean, Academic Council of Occupational Therapy, All India Occupational Therapist's Association


Professor Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology KEM Hospital Seth GS Medical College Mumbai



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