403 Error Haufe, Inc.

This guide is to assist you if you ever come across a 403 error, much like the one you see below. Keep scrolling for additional information and instructions.

Ummm...what is a 403?? Why am I seeing this?!

Simply put, a 403 means you don't have permission to access the web page you are trying to get to. We will cover all of the steps you can take to get those pesky permissions working again!


Some companies have certain network requirements/restrictions around how and where the system can be accessed from. If this pertains to your companies network setup, please review the instructions below. If this does not apply, you can skip the Networking section. Sweet!

First, we need to ensure we are connected to the proper network. You should be connected to your company's network. You won't get rid of the 403 if you are connected to any other network, including your company's guest network. If you are connecting from home or any remote location, you MUST use the VPN.

Please use the pictures below to help you check which network you are currently connected to. The picture on the left is for a Windows computer, the picture on the right is for a Mac.

Please contact your local IT team if you are unsure which network you need to be connected to. The pictures above are examples, the network names here are not networks that you will see.

Log Out and Back In Again

We know, it's redundant but we promise it's useful! Sometimes the system will 'cache' or remember certain details about your account. These cached details can cause issues, like this 403. At the bottom of the 403 error page, you'll see a blue link that helps you "Logout".

You can alternatively paste this at the end of your URL to logout: ?Logout=6

Still Seeing That Pesky 403?

We hope you don't see that error page anymore, but in case you do we are happy to help! We definitely recommend a quick chat with your local IT support team, chances are they can fix the issue.

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