Alice in Wonderland

Alice finds herself in a long hallway full of doors. There is also a key on the table, which unlocks a tiny door; through this door, she spies a beautiful garden. She longs to get there, but the door is too small. Soon, she finds a drink with a note that asks her to drink it. There is later a cake with a note that tells her to eat; Alice uses both, but she cannot seem to get a handle on things, and is always either too large to get through the door or too small to reach the key.

The classic French-suited deck of cards consisting of spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. The cards are they loyal servant as the first cards that meet on our journey are the Spades, spades are the Gardeners of Wonderland. Later we meet the Clubs these are committed to the defense of the kingdom, are in fact the soldiers. Then we meet the Diamonds synonymous with wealth. Finally the Hearts for a thousand connections with love are precisely the ten Princes, the children of the King and Queen of Hearts.

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