Columbia County Flooding Feb. 12, 2019

Scappoose residents fill up sand bags at a station outside city hall on Southeast 2nd Street.
Randy Hamilton looks out over a flooded roadway near his property on Dutch Canyon Road in Scappoose.
Rising waters approach a home on EJ Smith Road.
South Scappoose Creek also flooded its banks with waters reaching the play structures in Veterans Park in Scappoose.
Water floods the eastbound lanes of Highway 30 near Bay Hill Lane around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning.
George Sanders and Jessica Sanders fill up sand bags in St. Helens. Jessica Sanders ask her brother to help her fill bags to keep water out of her home on Sykes Road.
Residents fill up sand bags at a station on Deer Island Road in St. Helens. Some volunteers made up sand bags and left them for others to pick up as needed.
Water from Milton Creek flooded its banks in McCormick Park. Many of the park benches were nearly covered in high water.
High waters approached the bottom of a pedestrian bridge in McCormick Park.
A visitor stops to take a film a short video and take photos of high water in McCormick Park.
Scott Harrington, a St. Helens Public Works employee helps at the site of street flooding on Melvin Ave.
A view of Milton Creek and the rivers' overflowing shore from a house on Melvin Avenue.
Kevin Hinchliffe points to his weather monitoring equipment inside his home on Melvin Avenue. The instruments at his home measured nearly two inches of rainfall, which was reported to various national weather agencies.

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