Ancient Chinese Dynasties

1700-1000BCE *Oracle Bones *Spirit lived on in the afterworld *Rich nobles *poor farmer *first writing system *bronze
618-907CE *Continuation of the Golden Age *government exams *literature *art *dancing *scroll painting *3 doctrines *pottery *tea *bronze *silver *Bird Concert *pagoda *topknots
1000-221BCE *feudal states *literature *mandate of heaven *astronomy *roads/canals *introduced Taoism and Confucianism
221BCE-220CE *Golden Age *painting *poetry *sundial *seismograph *Wudi Confucianism *China's Official government/philosophy *children's respected elders *acupuncture *Silk Road *Buddhism
2000-1500BCE *great engineers *silk *jade carvings *potter's wheel *baked brick houses *flood control *irrigation
221-207BCE *Shi-Huangdi first emperor *uniform law *standard weights and measures *standardized money *connecting roads *Great Wall *Legalism


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