Who drives the bus?

I was thinking about this question. I have a mentor that says: "you should always have a list of questions to ask great minds when the opportunity presents itself." Her idea there is that when you are star struck by opportunity to be in ear shot of anyone that you admire, that leads well, or that has success you would like to emulate--have a list ready to fire away. Capitalize on the moment. (Instead of just getting a selfie for proof you saw them.) As I was revamping my questions, this particular question popped into my head as an option. "Who drives the bus?" The idea behind it is that most leaders will state that when building a team or organization or business etc... you need to have the right people on the bus. The best leaders then will inject--AND you need them in the right seat.

I was anticipating this answer for some of the people I admire. Some of them would say themselves. Some would give credit to a mentor or coach. Some would give credit to a vital team member. And then I thought about the team I am privileged to be a part of: The Loken Group. We are a real estate team (and we are much more than that). If you were to ask Lance who is driving our bus he would inevitably say, "Everyone on the team." And Lance's spot would be the guy sitting on the hump (that's at least what we always referred to it growing up; the seat that housed the wheel well, and your knees were stuck in your chest) because it would be the least desirable position and his one thing is to elevate everyone around him.

But let me answer that for Lance (if i may). We don't have a bus. We are on a spaceship. While everyone else is filling there buses up, we are getting a rocket read to lift off. My analogy has a few parts. One: we operate like mission control. Everyone has a specialty, everyone is vital, and everyone leads out at something. Two: our customer service is out of this world. We want to put our clients in the rockstar position. Although a lot of work goes into getting our clients what they need, we want it to feel seamless, painless, and perfect. The astronaut is just a piece to the puzzle of a successful trip to space. But they get the most notoriety for trip. That's how we like it. Let the clients shine while we sweat it out. And lastly, in all movies the leader of the launch is always in the background. He is monitoring coaching and serving. True, he has to be vocal from time to time, but in every space movie I have watched--the guy leading mission control is letting his team run the show. He trusts their expertise and their passion for their position. That is my friend, mentor, coach, leader, CEO, and confidant: Lance Loken. He leads by humility with a passion to help everyone achieve their dreams. And just in case you were wondering why he is so great. It is because he has a voice in his ear cheering him on, serving along side him, and supporting his every move: his wife Karina.

Who is driving your bus?


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