My Pewter Design By Carmen Lewis

WWW: my design was successfull in the end, it did take me a few attenpts but i managed to solve the problem by added a few more spouts to my design, this allowed air to escape making sure that the pewter filled my design. I reLly enjoyed this project as it was an amazing experience to be able to create a piece of jewellry, i idi find it difficult at times because i chose a complicated design to make, Mr Charnick and i were worried that some areas of the design would be to thin and would break, but so far so good.

EBI: My design was conplicated, this resulted in we havent to make my design a couple of times because the air couldnt release so the pewter didnt fill my design. The way i fixed this was i added a few more spouts to my design, this helped because then there were a few more spaces for the air to release. I do have a few scratches to get rid of.the pewter didn't fill the whole shape, it didn't fill in the small areas where the fins of m dolphin where. I would definately do this again as then i would have a better chance for all of it to be filled in. Next time i would do a more simpilar design because this design has taken Lot of time and dedication because of how complicated it was.

This is the most recent picture, i still need to remove some scratches but overall my design has gone well and is going excelently. I am very proud of how my design came out, i would definately attempt this again as the pewter didn't reach all of the corners snf fins of my dolphin, but i have managed to sand these down a little bit and i am sure i will continue to try and get rid of the dints and make sure the inside of my shape is shiny as well as the outside.
This was the first time my design actually worked, the way i fixed the problem was i added a couple more spouts to my design so the the air inside could escape making sure the whole design was filling.
This is my first attempt, it did not work because my design is very complicated and the metal couldn't have reache the whole shape.To stop this from happening again we decided to add a few more spouts so the air can release and the pewter can fill my whole design

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