Gabby Douglas By Rylee demianew

Her home town state.
Standing on the podium in London at the 2012 olympics with a gold medal.
Gabby Douglas kissing her gold medal.
Gabby Douglas with some of her medals around her neck.
The American Flag she won the gold medal for the .
Her host family she lived with when she was being trained by Liang Chow.
Her 2 sisters, grandma, her mom, and her big brother .
Gabby Douglas in the air at the olympic games.
Liang Chow her couch that lead her to the olympics.
Gabby Douglas and Liang Chow and his LIang Chows wife.

Gabby Douglas a two time gold medalist. At the 2012 Olympics she made history becoming the first US gymnast to take home team and a individual gold medal in the same olympics. At age 6 she became the the Virginia State Champion.

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