Fidget Spinner Device By: Nathan Reineck

Fidget Spinners have been a very popular trend lately simply because they are a lot of fun. There has also been a recent discovery that they can help kids suffering from ADHD, ADD, and Autism focus during class and other activities. These conditions affects the peoples attension spans, ability to focus, and there there concentration. These people are usually heavily medicated with drugs such as Aderol, Zolaft, and many others. These durgs have many side effects. The side effects include not eating, tired, weakness, and being irritable. A good substituste to this could be a fidget spinner. When the person feel the need to not pay attension they can use the fidget spinner to calm themselves.

These spinner very popular because they are very cheap to produce and can be sold for alot more then they cost to produce. Social Media has been a big help to populaarity of spinners. Many popular accounts on Instagram have been sposored by th e companies making these spinners. Kids have non stop posted video.

The spinners that are making are made from 3D printer. There are bearings in the middle that allow the spinner to spin. there are weights in the outside of the spinner to add centrifical force and make it spin for longer and faster. For weights people have used change such as quarters and dimes, metal balls, and other metal weights. we have learned that its not so much the amount of weight but the placement.

This is the rough sketch of my four sided fidget spinner. It is shaped with four sides because I wanted it to look original but also be effective when in use. This design has double bearing. This means that there are 2 bearings in each slot. This is 10 bearings in all.


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