Midterm Portfolio Patrick werner

Patrick Werner-2017-Digital Art

DESCRIBE: The Sunset Drive In is a drive-in movie theater playing classics shows and up to date features. It features a film reel showing a sunset as well as the iconic name. Below the film reel in the phrase "Drive-In". I decided to place the phrase on the outside to make the sunset theater stand alone giving its own message with the film reel. I choose the background to make the sunset pop out from the rest of the image to show emphasis on the film reel. Giving the logo depth helped make it stand out and put emphasis on it.

ANALYSE: The image displays different Art Elements and Principles of Design. The Elements that this logo displays includes depth, color, and shape. It displays depth with the separation between the main word "Sunset" and the rest of the image, it displays color through having a contrast between the film reel and the background graphic colors, and it shows shape through the different shapes the film reel creates as well as the shape of the fonts that make it stand out.

INTERPRET: My intent in creating this piece was to display the logo of a business idea that I had for the future. I intended to make it very visually appealing to attract guests to the logo and the want to find out more. The purpose is the same as the intent because I designed a logo to display my business idea and to attract guests. Facts to back up my intent is that I spent time in creating this logo and designed it to make it seem like the sunset was a part of the movie reel and the word on top of the reel with the description in a short phrase below the reel. The principles of design included in this image was pattern through the film reel having a pattern that went though the logo image.

EVALUATE: I feel that overall this logo is successful because it is able to convey the meaning that I was trying to get across as well as informing people about this business. The effect that I feel this logo leave on people is a local community place to get together and see a movie without even leaving your car. The work communicates to people an experience that is pretty unique for a community to have access to and people really seem to enjoy things that are very retro and fun to do.

Patrick Werner- 2017-Digital Art

DESCRIBE: This work was inspired by the hit movie "Tangled" how Rapunzel is always having to brush her magic hair to keep it alive with power. I decided to create this image as a 3D shot as well as a remix with the new face and the flowers in the hair. I was able to edit in a hairbrush to show that she is really always brushing her hair even in photographs. I was able to add the flowers to the portrait piece to describe Rapunzel as a very joyful person who is always in a good mood because she doesn't know any better.

ANALYZE: In this work I displayed many different elements of art and principles of design. The elements that I use in this image include color, texture, shape, and space. I showed color though the many different colors that I added to Rapunzel with the flowers, brush, and her clothing, I showed texture with the background being a wood wall to show that she has been brought up as a very "rustic" in a way, the image shows shape though the different shapes of the flowers and the shape of Rapunzel's dress, and I showed space through separating her from the rest of the room. The principles of design shown in this piece include the repetition and pattern of the flowers all over her hair.

INTERPRET: The purpose of this piece is to give Rapunzel a 3D effect and have her remixed as a live action character. I intended to make it a very nice flowing image but in my opinion I did not succeed with the overall look of the image. Having to add another face to someone else is complex and then creating that into a 3D image along with other design features made it too busy of a picture. Facts that support this interpretation is that I was not able to make Rapunzel still look normal and throw extra things to try and make it an outstanding work.

EVALUATE: I feel that the overall image is unappealing because I was not able to capture the idea of Rapunzel being a very kind-hearted person and I did not achieve that. I believe that Rapunzel was not correctly displayed and it does not benefit others because other people find it unappealing as well. I mean I like the piece and what I was trying to achieve was not properly achieved and now I know that for the next time I am to combining a 3D shot with a remix and a widely known picture.

Patrick Werner-2017-Digital Art

DESCRIBE: This image is a remix of the widely known V-J Day in Times Square. I wanted to capture the same feel with the black and white style of the early New York City. Inverting the image to create the overall outline of the Lego figures and the semi-visible buildings in the background. Having it in Lego form creates a different feel to the image that makes it seem much more informal. Having the solider hat and the girl leaning back captured the same feel as the original picture but added a personal touch through the use of Lego's.

ANALYZE: The image contains different Elements of Art and Principles of Design. It includes elements such as color, texture, and line. It shows color through positive and negative space with the inverted colors,it shows texture through the different highlight points making it look rough and like it was taken after WWII, and it shows line through the lines throughout the image with the different lines exposed and others blurred to add to the overall design. It contains the principle of emphasis and contrast through the image having focal points and blurred out areas to add to the main focus and overall look I was trying to create.

INTERPRET: The intent of creating this image is to create a remix of a famous photograph that was taken in the 20th century. The intent of the original image was to capture the joy of the men that were fighting going up to random girls and kissing them just out of pure joy. Facts that support this image are that you can see that it was taken in New York City and with the black and white background it suggests that the photo is old. Overall this image was intended to show the true joy of men coming home from the war alive, and finally getting a chance to go back to their previous life.

EVALUATE: This work shows value because it is a remix of a famous image that soldiers recognize. I find that the value of this work is that men were finally free from the war that they were dragged through and getting that chance to go back and live this life again. I think that this work benefits others because it shows that men know how to make sporadic decisions and can still remember what it is like to live this life. Overall I judge this work as something that men recognize as something that they used to know and now get to experience again.

Emily Wolfe-2016-live work

DESCRIBE: This work is a part of live theater where 2 girls during a rehearsal sat upside in chairs dressed in costumes and just having. The artist was able to focalize the girls and remove the background to a standard black. The girls look like they are just having fun and have no idea what the intent of the artist is with the taking of this photograph. I think that the artist was looking for a very natural picture of kids being kids and that was she was able to capture in this image.

ANALYSE: In this piece the artist was able to capture Elements of Art and Principles of Design in this photograph. Elements include color and space. She created color through getting fun colors on the girls and making them pop as the focal point instead of disappearing into the background and she showed the element of space because she was able to space out the rest of the background except for the girls and the chairs they are sitting on. The principle of design that was shown in this photograph was proportion/perspective. Having the girls upside down created a perspective that made you have to look closely to determine who the girls are in the photo.

INTERPRET: The feelings that I have while looking at this artwork are a very free range photo with no required pose and a photo that seems very casual but at the same time gets the point across. In the photograph I do not believe that there is anything showing a symbol or a representation of another work of art. This photo is just a free and fun image that the artist took and was able to enhance it in the right direction.

EVALUATE: In this photograph I do not think there is anything really conveying a message and it does have a benefit on others and showing the message like "don't worry, be happy" because it is very casual and fun. I think the work communicates the idea that not everything has to be a formal image to make it a good image and conveys to others that having fun and just taking casual images can still make it a good image. There are plenty of images out there that convey this meaning or something like it.

Emily Wolfe-2017-live work

DESCRIBE: I would describe this photo as something very imaginative. This image is the set for the traveling show of Into the Woods. They used the look of pulling apart pianos and using every part of it within the set. The keys as the frame of the front of the stage, the frame of the piano as the wings and curtains, and the strings as the backdrop. The entire set lives on stage through the performance and this is just what is looks like for before the show. I find this photo very visually appealing because there is so much to look at in the entire stage. The mitch-matched items all over the stage make it look a bit crowded but also show that it is very busy and alive.

ANALYSE: In this photo the artist found both Elements of Art and Principles of Design. The elements of art that are in this photo include value, shape, and line. The photo shows value through the focus being on the stage and with all the different elements you can't help but notice it, it shows shape through the many different shapes of the piano all over the image with layers, and the photo shows line through the center of the image having the long strands of rope to represent the strings in a piano and a focal point in the photograph. The principle of design was the movement of the entire photo was consistent throughout the photo and it was very well designed and easy to interpret.

INTERPRET: The feelings that I get through this image is a well design of the entire photo including many elements representing many different things all over. The mood that this image portrays is a very solid piece because of the flow of the image. I think the artist choose to work in this manner and made these kinds of artistic decisions as a very interesting piece with many different points of interest thought the entire photograph.

EVALUATE: I think that this photograph has artistic value because it is such a visually interesting photo that it dd not even need any editing to make it even more outstanding. I would compare this photo to a game of I spy because there are so many things to look at that you don't even know where to start. This work is beneficial to theater because the set itself describes the amazing story you are about to get to experience. I do not think that this photograph is unappealing because if you appreciate theater, you would appreciate the set of the traveling show of Into the Woods. Overall this image is visually appealing and in my opinion is a piece that is

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