Council Debrief September 7: Regular Session

Pictured from left to right (front row): Mayor Pro Tem Beto Lopez; Diane Forte; Mayor Bill Baird; Hillary Shields; Andrew Felker. Pictured from left to right (back row): Phyllis Edson; Fred DeMoro; Trish Carlyle; Bob Johnson.

Upcoming Meetings

  • September 17 - Regular Session
  • September 21 - Regular Session


Mayor Bill Baird presented a proclamation to members of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) recognizing Constitution Week, which takes place annually the week of September 17 - September 23. The purpose of the observance week is to promote study and education about the United States Constitution which was originally signed and adopted by the Founding Fathers on September 17, 1787.

Fire Department Apparatus Deployment Review

Council heard a presentation from Lee’s Summit Fire Chief Mike Snider on the Fire Department’s recommendation to relocate an apparatus (ambulance) from Station No. 7 to Station No. 3. District 3 has the highest EMS demand of all districts with 1,738 responses in 2020. This is in comparison to District 7, which had 300 responses in 2020. Currently, Station No. 3 relies on adjacent district rescues to respond to calls within their service area. Repositioning the ambulance to Station No. 3 will improve response times and service delivery, and follow the Fire Department’s Standards of Cover recommendation. When resources become available, the department will add an additional apparatus in District 7.

City Council Redistricting

City Council was presented with three possible scenarios for council redistricting based on the 2020 Census population numbers. Each scenario produced total population differences between districts of no more than ± 1%. Scenario 1 represented the least amount of change and was supported by most of the council.

City Council provided direction on adjustments to scenario 1. Staff will present the adjusted scenario at the next council meeting. A public hearing on the final council redistricting recommendation will be scheduled for September 21.

The City Charter requires that district boundaries be established following each decennial census and that the districts comprise compact and contiguous territory, and as nearly possible, an equal number of inhabitants.