the landscapes of New Zealand My dream vacation

Some pictures of the beautiful landscapes of new zealand

New zealand has a mix of rolling hills, beautiful beaches and urban cities

New zealand is also home to the sets of the lord of the rings and the hobbit movies

Created By
Dillon Edgett


Created with images by albert22278 - "aircraft boeing sun" • mklapper - "Rolling pasture" • Gail Frederick - "Tortola (30)" • xiquinhosilva - "58939-Auckland" • Holgi - "lighthouse navigation beacon" • Ronnie Macdonald - "Auckland Harbour View 11" • Barni1 - "the hole in the rock piercy island" • mickeyshih - "maori stone hai bian landscape" • paul bica - "queenstown" • ! / dino olivieri / - "Verde Eden - Il Paradiso dei Cercatori di Funghi - The Paradise of the Mushroom Searcher - Dino Olivieri" • schmaaavid - "Sam's estate"

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