Just be there By:erin bennett

i remember running through the woods my car broke down and some guy had been following me. and not looking back scared i would fall running breathlessly feeling full of fear. just hearing the cracks of sticks behind me breaking. letting me know he hasnt left and that he wouldn't leave i went to run faster but i tripped over a guy's foot it scared me to the point i screamed. i thought he was going to kill me i really thought that this was it .i had already been running for so long i just felt like it was all over i closed my eyes. Nothing happened i waited a few seconds and slowly opened them thinking i would see a man before my death. instead he was a guy who had eyes as deep as a rain forest. as blue as a piece of blue ice and had a hint of forest green and he has light brown hair spiked up short on the sides long on the top and a perfect bright white smile. hes perfect. he asked me what i was running from and when i explained a man had been chasing me and i had no clue who he was . he said follow me i can help you...ok i just realized how cheesy that sounds but please trust me i'm here to help you i don't want a beautiful girl like you getting hurt and i really want to help.

i know it was stupid to follow him but i mean he did catch me plus he's so hot but hot guys always get me in trouble.but i thought it was better than getting killed.i've already watched 3 girls get killed it's my worst fear….

he took me to this barn it was a red brown colored double door barn with a light in it just one simple light it kinda looked like the type of barn you would see in the horror stories i watched with my friends earlier this summer before they were murdered. It also had a river right next to it with a old wooden brown fishing boat and some fishing rods. It was slightly foggy outside and a bit cold but i felt some how safe and secure like i was gonna be ok maybe for once safe.you would think being an normal teenage girl i would be safe. But i'm not i never have been see my real dad he was a drug dealer and never really around he owed some guys money and when he said he didn't have it they killed him but before they did they said your daughter will be the one to pay.

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