SOU WOMEN'S RUGBY Getting down and dirty

Both the men and women's teams practice together on the weekends.

Over the term the Rugby girls have grown close with one another and share a great team bond. There team captain Alexis shared with me that both the men's and women's team are always looking for new comers to share the experience with.

Alexis is demonstrating a traditional tackle that requires going for the legs. This clean tackle described by Sarah is a killer move that hurts, but in the hype of the game is exciting.
Ruking is done by opposite team members to win possession of the ball. Sarah and Alexis demonstrate the strength it takes by using each others body weight to hold one another up.
A passion for Rugby is what keeps these girls motivated to play each game, whether they win or lose they always appreciate the sport.
To advance in Rugby they must throw the ball backwards with a slight spin to advance down the field. Sarah shared it takes a great amount of focus and skill to perfect a pass.
Women's Rugby is a tough sport, but it doesn't seem to bring these girls down. They are on the field four days a week and they are getting better every practice.
Alexis is the president of the Women's Rugby and has been playing for three years. Before SOU she had never know a thing about Rugby. The team welcomes all women here at SOU and it is here goal to educate people about the sport.

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